What Could Be the Cheapest Off-Road Camper Ever Explodes Into an Outdoor Estate

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Photo: Wanderer Series
FF-01 CamperFF-01 CamperFF-01 CamperFF-01 CamperFF-01 CamperFF-01 CamperFF-01 CamperFF-01 Camper
The question of the day: just how cheap can a travel trailer be? Well, to answer that question, I find myself in Australia, staring face-to-face with an off-road-ready machine that's priced at a tad under $12K! Whip out your checkbooks, book your flights, and maybe even move to Australia because this one's on a different level.
Folks, what we're looking at today is nothing more than one of the cheapest campers I've run across in years. I'm not saying units under $12K (American) don't exist, but rarely, if ever, will they be decked out to the brim, much like this one. The FF-01 (Forward Fold) is even ready to handle off-road use and the wildest of lands, Australia.

But how the heck did we get here? Well, the crew responsible for what we see is none other than Wanderer Series Caravans, the one and the same that's been operating out of the land down under for a few years now. Clearly, the way they stayed alive is by giving the market machines the likes of what we see here. However, there is a catch to all of this, but we'll address that at the end of this introduction into a life lived out of an FF-01.

Now, what attracted me to this unit was clearly its price, but as I dove deeper, I realized that this thing might be up for the title of "best punch for price camper on the market." Why? Well, for starters, we're looking at a galvanized and welded chassis with an adjustable trailing A-arm independent suspension with coil springs, and that's standard. Off-road coupling and electric brakes are also thrown in, including little perks like a swing-up jockey wheel and drop-down stabilizer legs.

FF\-01 Camper
Photo: Wanderer Series
What does all that mean for you and your family? Well, as long as your truck can handle the terrain, the FF-01 will be right behind you, trudging along through dust, mud, and waterbeds to get you to some hidden oasis in the middle of nowhere. The folding design also means a low center of gravity and plenty of clearance to see through your rearview mirror.

Once you've finally made it to wherever it is you've planned, it's time to stretch your legs a little, crack those knuckles, and start creating the expansive campsite you see in the image gallery. As for what the results of your energy expenditure will reveal, I like to compare it to a grenade, one you pull the pin on, toss, and suddenly explode into a home suitable for a family of four, and that's just inside the camper itself. With additional tent annexes, you're looking at a downright outdoor estate made of ripstop, Zincanneal steel, and powder-coated panels. Let's step into the magic.

As we do, the first space and features we'll encounter are the outdoor galley. Set up in traditional Australian style, you and your family can access all the utilities they need via all the storage bays and slide-outs integrated into the FF-01's shell. By the looks of things, you'll need to pick up the cooktop, fridge, and any gas cans as extra.

Also integrated into the shell are features like access to your water tanks, all 120 liters (32 gals) of them, and the electrical system that Wanderer places at our disposal. I'm talking about the outdoor shower, 100 Ah battery, and BMS, too. You'll need to grab solar panels on your own.

FF\-01 Camper
Photo: Wanderer Series
Once you've had your outdoor fun, cleaned up a little, and replenished the old stomach, it's time to head indoors and do about the only thing that can e done inside the FF-01: sleep. Like most other campers of this style, the interior is only reserved for features the likes of a dinette, bed, storage space, and some light electrical work such as lighting, sockets, and heating and cooling.

Well, all that's true for this unit too, but what I liked about this interior is the airy and open feeling it offers due to the ripstop design and countless windows and screens integrated into the canvas. Take a moment and picture yourself relaxing after a meal, with the breeze flowing through the screens and only the sounds of birds chirping nearby to put you to sleep.

Sure, there are limits to just how far into the season you can venture with one of these units, but honestly, the majority of people adventure during the warmer months of the year, and that's probably going to be the norm for as long as humans exist, so go for it; move to Australia and take on a new lifestyle.

Why would I invite you to move to Australia for this one? Well, this is where that 'catch' I mentioned earlier comes in. Like most other campers we find from the land down under, this one, too, is tuned to Australian road laws and regulations, so at best, you'll be able to use it as nothing more than inspiration toward your own budget-friendly and off-road-ready camper project. That's unless you move to Australia, of course.
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