America's SylvanSport Does It Again! Unveils Their Highly Versatile GOAT Camper Trailer

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The outdoor and on-road living industry is big bucks, and it's one of the reasons we see countless new names coming to the market. However, this next one is from SylvanSport, one of America's younger and extremely resilient outdoor goods and camper manufacturers. Well, they're here to show us what they've been working on recently.
Folks, the name SylvanSport is bound to sound familiar to you, especially if you follow autoevolution on a daily basis, and ever since I started to cover their work, I fell in love with what they bring to the outdoor living table.

This time around, we'll be exploring their freshly unveiled GOAT (GO All-Terrain), an all-terrain camper built upon one of this manufacturer's most beloved machines, the GO. If you remember this unit, you know that it was all about giving the average Joe the opportunity to go exploring now, and it does this by being light, tough, and versatile, not to mention rather friggin affordable, selling for as little as $13K.

Well, the GOAT takes all that the GO can achieve and pushes it one step further, actually, several steps further. Time to check the state of your vehicle, hitch a GOAT to the rear of your vehicle, and let's hit the road, exploring all this $20K (base price) unit has to offer.

Photo: SylvanSport
What we see starts off with an extruded aluminum chassis, ensuring that weight is kept to a minimum but can handle being loaded up to the brim with goods. Dry, this thing weighs just 1,200 lbs (544 kg) but can handle up to 950 lbs (430 kg) of payload. Another feature responsible for this ability is the Timbren suspension system.

Together, the chassis and suspension account for 18 inches (46 cm) of ground clearance, so wherever your truck of 4x4 can venture, so can the GOAT, maybe even further. Falken Wild Peak AT tires are then thrown onto steel rims, and a spare can be brought along, too. All that action is then supported by a 40-degree departure angle.

Furthermore, if the GOAT is anything like the other gear SylvanSport cranks out, we can expect that shell to be crafted from nothing more than composite materials, so go ahead, throw rocks at the dang thing! I wonder if any of this uses recycled goods.

Now, one of the neat tricks up the original GO's sleeve was its ability to meet the needs of countless Americans and complete an array of tasks at hand. To do that, SylvanSport built upon what they learned with the first GO, and if you remember just how far you can take things, you know that your GOAT is about to be the most versatile trailer on your lot.

Photo: SylvanSport
For example, part of the configuration allows you to use this trailer as nothing more than a cargo hauler, be it with the top lowered or raised, to fit things the likes of dirt bikes, ATVs, surfboards, e-bikes, tools, hay (farm use), or whatever else you can think of.

Use number two is all about mobile living. According to SylvanSport's website, your GOAT can take the shape of a summer-ready camper, suitable for up to 4 or more guests, depending on any extra features that you may have chosen for your trip.

That alone is reason enough to consider such a machine for any outdoor experience because you never know where the evening hours will catch you. Oh, and the whole inclination toward modularity is spotted inside, too, with the possibility for multiple configurations and even a king-plus bed.

Photo: SylvanSport
All that sounds great and all, but there is a downside to mobile living in a GOAT: the lack of systems like a toilet, running water, or even a galley setup. That, however, just means that you'll have to pick up all this stuff as extra, so be sure to explore the options available on the market. Heck, just let SylvanSport know what else you'd like for your dream machine, and they'll probably do their best to ensure they're your one-stop shop for outdoor living and utility.

For the remainder of this article, let's take all we've learned about the GOAT and picture ourselves in its midst. Driving along, it won't matter much what sort of terrain you encounter, and once you've arrived at your destination - today we'll just be fishing - unload your chairs, fishing rods, tackle box, cooler, and get to relaxing.

As the day drags on, you have a sandwich or two, and before long, it's too dark to drive home; the drinks don't help either. Luckily for us, with a quick one-two, you'll be able to simply arrange the GOAT into a bedroom on wheels. Head home the next morning, just in time to finish up a few chores around the property. If you own a farm, this one might be a rather neat addition to your fleet. Come to think of it, it belongs on just about anyone's property, and that's worth considering. GG SylvanSport, GG.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase the GO camper.

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