We’ve Warned You and Now it's Here: The NAWA Racer

Produced by the tech startup NAWA, a company specializing in battery-tech and ultracapacitors, this all-electric “hybrid” is already changing the game on electric motorcycles.
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Photo: NAWA
NAWA racerNAWA racerNAWA racerNAWA racerNAWA racerNAWA racer
When I first saw this metal equine, I thought someone tried to make their own Tron motorcycle, but either got the design wrong or ran out of funds. No sir. The NAWA crew knew what they were doing and had the funds.

Using ultracapacitors and a traditional lithium battery pack, the Racer is considered a hybrid. But without the internal combustion part. A hybrid only by description, due to it using two different electrical systems and components to create one functioning engine.

The first component is the classic lithium battery pack most electric vehicles use. The second, and really the key to all of this, is an ultracapacitor. But what is an ultracapacitor? Well, as best as I can explain it, without writing a research paper, is by saying that ultracapacitors are a piece of tech that offers ten times more power and five times more energy when used in conjunction with classic lithium packs.

This means that thanks to a capacitor of 0.1 kWh plus a 9kWh lithium battery, the NAWA Racer will pull you along on 100 horses for 93 miles (150 km) with a top speed of 100 MPH (162 kph).

NAWA racer
Photo: NAWA Motorcycles
With this “hybrid” engine, or rather, because of the ultracapacitor, the Racer boasts some pretty amazing specs. It will deliver the same power to your ride regardless of battery power levels.

Energy recovery levels are also through the roof. A whopping 80 % energy recovery rate due to its regenerative braking system. Traditional battery packs only allow for mere 30 % to be recaptured without the aid of a capacitor.

A range of 93 miles on mixed riding, and twice that with city riding only. That 80% recapture rate is to thank for that.

If you so happen to run out of juice, because you love city riding so much, go home, grab your lunch, and charge it back-up while you eat. It only takes a measly hour to get its power levels back up to 80%.

NAWA racer
Photo: NAWA Motorcycles
The whole contraption comes in at 330 pounds (150 kg). 25% lighter than other motorcycles in its class. Nearly 20 pounds (10 kg) of which is the battery pack. All of the components are set on a carbon-fiber frame, with light-weight panels and a bits of copper and aluminum here and there. Oh, and there’s a camel-leather seat. Sorry PETA.

One of the aspects that sets the NAWA Racer apart from other contenders in its class, is the NAWACap battery pack. NAWA produces packs of different power levels. This means that on your Sunday cruise, if you want to go a little faster, just put in a more powerful pack. You read that just fine. With the Racer, if you want to go faster, just go bigger.

Now for that intriguing rear tire. It’s called a hub-less rim motor. Have a look at it in the gallery again and imagine how it works. Don’t bother looking for a belt or chain.

Come to find out, the design is based on the classic 60s café racers. Known for their powerful short-range motors. All housed in a light-weight frame.

If that doesn’t make you want one for Christmas, how about this. It comes with a button. On that button there is a word. The word is “Race.”
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