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BMW X Long Range Electric Bike Concept Can Pack Extra Batteries in the Sidecar

Over the past few years it has become pretty obvious that it won’t be long until electric motorcycles become commonplace. A big number of companies, both brand new startups and old, established behemoths, are working to make this a reality, so it’s bound to happen sooner than later.
BMW X Long Range Electric Motorcycle 9 photos
BMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycleBMW X electric motorcycle
For most of the electric bikes currently in the works (there are more still in development than actually on the road), range no longer seems to be an issue, considering both how the number of charging stations has increased over the years, and the larger and larger batteries that find their ways into these designs.

But how about the charging needs of an electric motorcycle meant to take its rider on prolonged adventures, in areas with close to zero chances of finding a charging point nearby?

As far as we know, no one is currently working on a truly long-range motorcycle, but if they did, they would probably have to come up with some solution to store more power. Like say, a sidecar.

The motorcycle you see in the gallery above is just a rendering, but one that shows exactly how the range issue could be addressed for long range, adventure motorcycles.

Drawn by a designer named Iago Valino as a BMW, the motorcycle takes design cues from custom motorcycles designed by a Spanish shop by the name El Solitario MC and wraps them in a package the likes of which we rarely get to see.

The digitally-rendered motorcycle is almost flat, it has no windscreen, and is fitted with tires that are suitable for all kinds of terrain.

The sidecar, designed in such a way as to match the motorcycle, doesn’t seem to be capable of holding anyone, but seems perfectly suitable for holding both some type of cargo, and also extra batteries needed for prolonged riding time in the open.


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