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Well, Well, Well, if It Isn't the New Lincoln Continental-Based Mercury Marauder

As everyone and their pet knows, Ford’s entire business consists of crossovers, SUVs, pickups, and commercial vehicles on this side of the pond – well, save for the Mustang and GT. Their luxury brand, Lincoln, has only four products in its portfolio, all of which are high-riders, and if Mercury was still alive, then it would have likely followed the same route.
Mercury Marauder - Rendering 6 photos
Mercury Marauder - RenderingLincoln ContinentalLincoln ContinentalLincoln ContinentalLincoln Continental
Discontinued in 2011, Mercury’s sole purpose, for the most part of its existence, was to bridge the gap between Fords and Lincolns, and this would be the role adopted by a hypothetical revival of the Marauder as well.

The nameplate debuted in 1963 as a trim package of the company’s full-size models, and that same year, Mercury launched the first-gen Marauder. In 1965, they pulled the plug on it, and four years later, they introduced the second generation, which lived on until 1970. After a 32-year hiatus, the Marauder returned in 2002, sharing most nuts and bolts with the era’s Ford Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car. Since it wasn’t exactly popular with new car buyers, they retired it in 2004, this time for good.

As for the more modern interpretation pictured in our gallery, it came to life using countless mouse clicks, and it has Jlord8 behind it. It is clear that the rendering artist used the Continental to digitally bring it to life, and it is more of a rebadged than a rebodied take on it. The grille, bumper, and headlights are new, and the latter have a very Mustang-ish appearance. The wheels are new too, and beyond this, the car is identical to its cousin from Lincoln.

In order to make any financial sense, a real Mercury Marauder would obviously feature less gear than the Continental, and perhaps a smaller engine under the hood. But Ford isn’t interested in such a model anymore, let alone a Mercury-branded one, so that’s that.


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