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Well-Known U.S. Mechanic Says High Gas Prices Are a Scam, He Blames Shell

The current situation with gas prices annoys almost anyone. We all pay too much. Even auto mechanics are starting to speak against what major players in the industry are doing. Shell has caught the attention of a particular man that’s not afraid to bluntly share his views. Here’s what he has to say.
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Gas prices are averaging at over $4 a gallon in every state at the time of writing. We’re nowhere near a solution, since problems keep piling up and inflation is not stopping. Besides those that have a lot of assets, almost everyone is affected one way or another by the current economic climate.

Scotty Kilmer got pretty angry about it. He did some research and found out a couple of disturbing facts. Now he’s sharing them with everyone. The mechanic-turned-YouTuber argues Shell tripled its profits just this year alone. He quotes the energy company saying that 2022 brought “strong results in volatile times.” Whilst this may be unequivocally true, the same thing can’t be said about what’s going on at the pump. The profits are pouring in, while millions of Americans are trying to make ends meet.

Kilmer talks about how Shell is trying to cover up making an immense amount of money by just keeping their pricing policies on an uptrend and telling everyone current times are uncertain, even though things have stabilized a bit on an international level. Big players in the oil industry are trying to make money from investments in fossil fuels to pour them into green energy. We’ll need a lot of sustainable electricity if we want to avoid problems that are changing our world for the worse. Charging infrastructure is, at the same time, extremely important.

But Scotty Kilmer thinks oil companies aren’t treating their customers right. He says that the costs of selling fuel might’ve increased, but the amount earned from doing this also tripled. That’s why he calls entities like Shell “greedy swine” for wanting more and more money.

The famous U.S. auto mechanic also says oil companies will continue to do this because “they can get away with it” while “making more and more excuses.” Unfortunately, gas prices will continue to remain high.

Scotty Kilmer also thinks entities like Shell are looking forward to getting these impressive numbers out so people can be inclined to invest in oil companies, even if they’re not doing any more spending to increase the output. OPEC isn’t helping either. The countries are still trying to find a proper solution for producing and exporting more oil.

In the end, Scotty Kilmer says Shell’s action and public behavior are just a show of “insanity.”

Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts with us down below. We’re reading everything!

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