Scotty Kilmer Says German Diesels Are Better Than the "Endless Money Pits" American Ones

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Scotty Kilmer Talking American and German DieselsScotty Kilmer Talking American and German DieselsScotty Kilmer Talking American and German DieselsScotty Kilmer Talking American and German DieselsScotty Kilmer Talking American and German Diesels
Would you believe Scotty Kilmer is actually recommending German-made diesel engines? Well, it happened! The famous mechanic says this type of engine that is made in America can’t compete with the imported ones. Here’s his take on the matter.
Scotty Kilmer is back with answers for his fans, followers, and, let’s be honest, haters. He may be right, or he may be wrong. At the end of the day, he keeps pushing content out constantly. He won’t stop just because some people are not happy with his Toyota bias or very gnarly video titles. Now he answers someone’s question regarding which diesel is better to own. Surprise, it’s not the American one.

The well-known auto mechanic admits it “may sound bizarre” but still points out German-made diesel vehicles are better. He thinks the U.S. ones can work fine, but only “up to a point.”

Scotty Kilmer even takes the time to give an example that supports his point of view. The man says someone came to him with a 170,000-mile GMC diesel. The truck needed a lot of investments, but it ended up not running correctly even after repairs. The auto mechanic says German-made diesels can easily outrun an American-made one, but we’re not sure if Kilmer saw the Ford Excursion hype that’s currently ongoing.

The YouTuber points out that American diesel vehicles were better in the past because they didn’t come with a lot of complicated engineering and underlines that in the last couple of years, the U.S.carmakers didn’t manufacture an engine like this that can last for long.

The man explains that American-made diesel trucks and cars become “endless money pits” as they age. He concludes his opinion by underlining that over the long-haul German diesels are just better. “It’s just the way it is,” said Scotty Kilmer.

Do you agree with the auto mechanic? Let us know down below.

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