Scotty Kilmer Says You Shouldn't Buy This Toyota, Has a Warning for You

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Scotty Kilmer on Buying a 2008 Toyota FJ CruiserScotty Kilmer on Buying a 2008 Toyota FJ CruiserScotty Kilmer on Buying a 2008 Toyota FJ CruiserToyota FJ CruiserToyota FJ CruiserToyota FJ CruiserToyota FJ CruiserToyota FJ Cruiser Interior
Not even Toyota can escape Scotty Kilmer’s extremely transparent remarks. Even though he admitted on multiple occasions he’s a fan of the Japanese brand and likes the manufacturer’s cars, there’s this one particular SUV he’s warning people not to buy. Here’s why.
One of Scotty Kilmer’s followers asked him if $17,000 is the right price to pay for a 106,000-mile 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The guy wanted to know if it could've been a good deal. Also, he wanted to find out if there are any problems he should expect during possible ownership. Kilmer immediately told everyone that the FJ Cruiser has now become a collector’s car. Hence, the rising prices we’ve seen this Toyota go for in the U.S. since last year.

“My wife sold her 2014 FJ magma color to Carvana for $41,000 last September - $11,500 more than she paid for it new. Carvana put it up for $46,000 and it sold in two days,” said one of Kilmer’s subscribers on YouTube.

The mechanic argues $17,000 is a lot of money for a 14-year-old car, but also says “that’s what they go for.” He suggests Toyota might never bring this SUV to America ever again solely because of its gas mileage rating. The carmaker is trying to keep fleet values as low as possible, especially since National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) decided to make auto companies pay more if they fail to meet CAFE requirements.

While the American market is trying to snatch as many used FJ Cruisers as possible and there’s a hype slowly building up around these rugged Hummer-like Japanese SUVs, people in the United Arab Emirates can buy them brand-new for little over $40,000.

Scotty Kilmer warns his follower this kind of truck “will rust like no tomorrow” and even goes as far as saying that you shouldn’t buy one if it’s not in mint condition.

Investing in an undercoating might prove to be a very smart decision. It costs up to $1,000 if you choose a dealer to do it, but it can also be applied at home for less than $150. It’s up to you, your budget, and how you value your own time.

Kilmer said that he repaired a couple of these FJ Cruisers and sometimes saw so much rust that he couldn’t believe it. He advises everyone interested in these trucks to thoroughly check them before making an offer.

“They are collector’s items, but if they’re rusted, they’re going to fall apart in front of your very eyes. (…) Once the frame and everything rust on them, they’re worth absolutely nothing,” said Kilmer.

The FJ Cruiser, as the name suggests, was a homage to the FJ40 series of Land Cruisers produced from 1960 to 1984.

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