Scotty Kilmer Says You Shouldn't Buy These Two Automatic Cars, Here's Why

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Scotty Kilmer is a well-known auto mechanic that got famous online thanks to his blunt statements. The man doesn’t care if people think he’s biased or not. Now he’s sharing a new shortlist of cars you shouldn’t buy. Based on his experience, these automatic vehicles have enough transmission problems to make you run away from them.
You decide if Scotty Kilmer’s advice is good for you. But one thing you should remember is that he never batted an eye when it came to discussing negative aspects of multiple auto brands, while others ignored similar topics. His Toyota bias is a thing known to many car enthusiasts, but he never missed the chance to criticize the Japanese manufacturer as well. The mechanic sure has a very direct way of expressing himself, but he’s not looking out to do you any disfavor.

The first automatic car he mentions is the Honda Civic, specifically the 2014 and 2015 model year vehicles. Kilmer says the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) used in these units came with drive pulley shaft issues which the manufacturer tried to fix by updating the software instead of changing the part. The company said it was a “stress problem,” but the American mechanic doesn’t believe that was a good idea. Still, he admits that Honda corrected themselves after the 2016 Civic came around with the improved CVT.

Scotty Kilmer also says that Honda, “just like Toyota,” builds its own transmissions, and that’s a thing that guarantees improvements over time for the CVT, even though he still doesn’t like this type of gearbox very much.

The second vehicle that gets on Kilmer’s radar is a Nissan. While sitting in front of a manual 2007 Sentra S, the mechanic says you should avoid the 2015 Nissan Sentra that also has a CVT. He calls it a “rolling pile of junk“ because one of his customers had one, and at 92,000 miles, the transmission failed. To replace it, the owner would’ve paid almost $5,000, but fortunately, it happened while still under warranty.

Scotty Kilmer recommends you buy a manual Nissan Sentra if such an opportunity presents itself. Even though he admits most Americans like driving automatics, the stick shift is still a good opportunity for those that want cheap cars with good gas mileage.

In the end, Scotty Kilmer says people should be aware of the possible problems certain used cars can have before becoming interested in them and making an offer. Fixing them might cost more than the car itself when it eventually breaks down.

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