Scotty Kilmer Says You Will End Up in Jail if You Rent a Car From Hertz

Scotty Kilmer is well-known for his extremely transparent opinions. The auto mechanic simply doesn’t care what any of his critics think about him. Now, however, he’s warning almost everyone about Hertz. Someone was arrested because of a complaint from the rental company even though they’ve never used the firm’s services. Here’s what you should know.
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First of all, this is not something entirely new. We’ve told you since February this year that Hertz was already taken to court because of their problems with bogus stolen car reports. Customers were arrested at gunpoint, even though they were completely innocent. But the subject crossed Scotty Kilmer’s path, and he wants you to know a couple more things.

Secondly, the mechanic-turned-YouTuber gives the example of a couple of people that suffered some traumatic experiences thanks to Hertz’s actions. Drew Seaser wanted to travel to Mexico with his close ones, but he was stopped at the border and arrested for stealing a rental car in Georgia. The Colorado man never went to Georgia and never had any deal with Hertz.

A Hertz customer, Charles Doucette from New Hampshire was arrested this month while he was returning from a cruise vacation. Police cuffed him immediately after he disembarked in Florida. Even though he didn’t have any outstanding balance, the man was flown in handcuffs to Arizona. Thankfully, a judge released him the same day.

An Oklahoma woman that used Hertz rentals waited a month in jail before she could clear things up and be released.

Scotty Kilmer points out that Hertz is now at the center of a major class-action lawsuit. Almost 230 plaintiffs that spent a combined 2,742 days behind bars are asking for over $500 million in damages. But the mechanic says there are over 50,000 people that were affected by the rental company’s actions.

Kilmer says Hertz preferred to just submit theft reports instead of making sure its inventory has been correctly updated. The CEO admitted it this month. But that’s not because the rental company had an evil plan brewing. The health crisis led to many layoffs, and without enough staff on duty, nobody was able to keep track of all the cars and transactions. But what’s worrying is that Hertz did this even before movement restrictions were a thing.

Now the company is trying to come back to profitability even though it had to sell a third of its fleet of vehicles. They avoided bankruptcy for the time being, but Kilmer says the entity is still facing a lot of issues. For example, there are a lot of last-minute cancelations, and reserved cars are nowhere to be found when the customers want to get inside them and drive. Moreover, the company admitted to installing hidden cameras in one out of every eight cars.

Now justice must follow its due process.

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