A Famous U.S. Mechanic Says You Shouldn't Buy a Secondhand Car Now, Gives a Good Reason

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Scotty Kilmer is known for his direct and almost unfiltered approach to the online world. He’s now advising his followers and fans to not buy a used car in these market conditions. The mechanic-turned-YouTuber offers some interesting arguments that you may want to read.
We know dealers developed a habit of marking up cars without thinking about what’s fair or not. Unfortunately, people need transportation. Some have conceded and paid for the car they really wanted, even if it meant that they had to add $5,000 to $10,000 more over the sticker price. Paying the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is something incredibly rare nowadays, and it may continue.

With new vehicles getting more expensive than would be normal, the used car market is also heating up. Multiple confirmations of this fact came from recent auctions, where we saw interesting vehicles like a two-decade-old Ford Excursion or this 2000 Honda Civic Si going for unexpected money.

Scotty Kilmer explains why you shouldn’t look at used vehicles like now and uses a personal example to emphasize something we’ve all been seeing lately: secondhand cars are somehow more expensive than new ones. The simple reason for this is that delivery times of brand-new cars have increased to over six months in some instances. Not anyone can wait for that much to get new means of transportation. Owners of fully-paid units or companies that have some oldies in their fleets understood this. They acted accordingly by only selling to the highest bidder.

The famous mechanic says his son wanted a Toyota minivan. He looked at the offers available and decided the prices are not what they should be for this kind of secondhand vehicle. He ended up going for a completely new one and even went with the hybrid version because it offers better gas mileage in town, and it was cheaper than the used one he wanted to buy.

“Yes, the prices have gone insane. You might as well buy a new one,” said Kilmer about the ongoing situation, who also argues that you should not pay the current prices for used vehicles.

As a side note, it is surprising to see Scotty Kilmer agreeing that hybrid cars are better than just normal, internal combustion engine-only ones. But the car in question was a Toyota, so we’re not thinking twice about it.

Now, would you go for a used car right now? Or do you agree with Kilmer? Let us know down below.

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