Watch Hybrid V6 Ferrari Mule Put Encouraging Laps on the Fiorano Track

What you see here is Ferrari's future, whether you like it or not. Not even the mighty Italian company - the one carmaker that even people who've been living under rocks their entire lives have heard about - is above emission restrictions, so six cylinders and hybrid power it is.
Ferrari 488 V6 hybrid test mule 8 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Ferrari 488 V6 hybrid test muleFerrari 488 V6 hybrid test muleFerrari 488 V6 hybrid test muleFerrari 488 V6 hybrid test muleFerrari 488 V6 hybrid test muleFerrari 488 V6 hybrid test muleFerrari 488 V6 hybrid test mule
Ferrari has already delved into the world of electrification, and as far as we know, nobody had any complaints about the result. Well, considering we're talking about the company's crème de la crème in the SF90 Stradale (and the LaFerrari before it), then that shouldn't come as a surprise.

Maybe that's because it's not so much the electric motors that are irking the fans of the Prancing Horse as is the number of cylinders. The SF90 still has what most would consider a bare minimum for a Ferrari: eight. Drop below that, and you find yourself into Japanese sports cars territory.

This 488 GTB mule allegedly hides just that under its camouflaged body, and by the sound of it, some people's worst fears are about to come true. However, if only they could keep an open mind about it, they would be able to see the hybrid V6 seems to be quite a capable powertrain.

It definitely doesn't have the aural presence of a V8, not to mention anything with more cylinders than that and no forced induction, yet this turbocharged V6 seems to double its performance with an intriguing acoustic note.

It's not as deep as a V8 burble, nor does it have the high pitch of a V12 - instead, it sounds a lot more like a race-prepped engine. That's probably because, just like competition-bound units, it has the life squeezed out of it so it can reach the desired output.

What this clip shows - apart from the briefest of powerslides - is that the V6-powered 488 can move. The one thing that looks particularly impressive is the way it picks up speed as it comes out of corners. You can probably put some of that down to the instant torque of the electric motor, but whatever it is, it's a joy to watch as it feels strangely comforting. Yes, Ferrari is changing, but it remains Ferrari.

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