Watch a Hacked Tesla Model S Electric Motor Spin in a Guy's Apartment

Tesla Model S Hacked Motor 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Remember when Elon Musk publicly adviser Tesla Model S customers not to attempt tuning their cars, as the hardware and software on the electric sedan was not created for tune-up purposes?
That's because the Model S is a fine-tuned piece of technology, but you can forget everything about that because a new set of seats of a pumped-up body kit doesn't compare to what this guy did.

While some may see "hacking" as a harsh term here, one way to describe the video is as a walkthrough on the Model S motor and inverter, where you'll also learn how to build a basic motor controller for any electric motor.

We guess the guy actually knows what he's doing since he didn't end up electrocuted. If you skip straight to the 12:30 mark in the video, you'll see the motor in action outside the Model S, accompanied by the same sound your washing machine is making when turned on.

Here's what the guy claims you can do (although we strongly advise not to try this at home):

"And now, anyone can grab a wrecked Tesla Model S, Mercedes B electric, or Toyota RAV4 electric, as they share the same motor, and reuse these motors in any car."

We don't know if what he's doing is illegal, but for sure it's dangerous. He also suggests that those who want to squeeze all the possible power from an electric motor and put it "in some kick-ass car" should use a UMC Drive motor controller.

The full video is available below and will give an idea of what's hiding inside de Model S, but keep in mind you are not supposed to try this under any circumstances.

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