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Watch a Giant Pumpkin Being Dropped on a Geo Metro, Destroy It

Though there are far better things you can do with a run-down Geo Metro and a giant pumpkin, not a single one of them is as fun as dropping the latter on the former.
Giant pumpkin is dropped onto run-down Geo Metro, completely destroys it 4 photos
Jebi taifun aftermath
It happened the other day during the annual Halloween harvest celebration Utah Giant Pumpkin Drop, which takes place at the Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and it was the craziest sight you’re going to see today.

Over 6,000 people gathered at the event, to see giant, stinky pumpkins being dropped from a crane on stuff like pieces of furniture, mannequins, barrels and even an inflatable swimming pool filled with colored balls. The icing on the cake, according to the Daily Mail, was the 1,060lb pumpkin organizers saved for last, when they hurled it on top of a run-down car.

You can see what happened when the two connected in the video at the bottom of the page, but spoiler, the car came out of it worse for wear. Kyle Fox, who organized the event (and grew the pumpkins and supplied every item that was destroyed), says that the goal was to get people to have some fun, shamelessly so.

At the end of it, everyone was covered in sticky, smelly pumpkin and / or wet, but happy to have witnessed stuff being smashed. Destroying the car was a hit with most attendees, obviously.

“We'll smash anything and everything, from swimming pools, to cars, to refrigerators. It's pretty spectacular to see a giant pumpkin dropped from 175 feet. We've grown these giants for a number of years. To see a hundred jack-o-lanterns falling from the sky, it's pretty cool,” Fox says.

“The biggest pumpkin went on the car. It was so heavy it turned the Geo Metro into a lowrider truck. It smacked the top right down,”
he continues. “It's so warm here so there were these stinky pumpkin guts everywhere. At the end of the day, it's about breaking something and having fun. We just want to make people smile.”

While much can be said about wasting so many pumpkins when there are people starving in the world, Fox is crystal clear about the goal of the event: make people smile by allowing them to watch stuff being destroyed.

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