Night Spent in Audi RS4 Turns into Blair Witch Project

Spending any kind of time with a new Audi RS4 sounds like a wonderful thing. It's not the last word in engaging handling, and it can't torture its tires as well as a C63, but the fast wagon will put a smile on your face and looks crisp in its grey suit.
Night Spent in Audi RS4 Turns into Blair Witch Project 4 photos
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Night Spent in Audi RS4 Turns into Blair Witch ProjectNight Spent in Audi RS4 Turns into Blair Witch ProjectNight Spent in Audi RS4 Turns into Blair Witch Project
Mat Watson from Carwow has been living with the RS4 for about half a year since Audi lent his one of his choosing. In that time, he did some interesting videos, taking it to the dyno and whatnot. But many wagon owners claim their trunk is so big that you can sleep in it, and he decided to try it.

Toilet paper, baby wipes, iPad, water, snacks - he's all set for the night. And after sending the cameraman away, Mat is all set to film himself surviving in the trunk of a car. The RS4 doesn't have the biggest boot in the world, and you can't even hide the load cover anywhere, but space is sufficient enough.

After binging on snacks, the British journalist starts reading on his iPad, using the car's hotspot to gain access to the web. A local story about a man that's gone missing grabs his attention, as does a sound in the bushes.

Now, I will be honest with you guys and admit that I can't handle scary movies. So when Mat starts filming in night vision mode, it's almost more than I can take. Shortly after that, the RS4 starts developing gremlins, like locking itself for no reason, blocking phone signals and dimming its lights.

The journalist gets out of to investigate another sound, but notices a the RS4 has been clamped. The missing man appears shortly after and... RIP Mat Watson, you will be missed. Some say that the killer should have hit him with the parcel shelf instead of a knife, or that the video is fake. Others believe Carbuyer kidnapped him because he left their channel. All we know is that we're never leaving the house on Halloween.

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