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VW ID. Buzz Rendered Based on Official Sketch, Looks Like It Should Be Scared of SUVs

One of the best things about electric mobility is that carmakers have found themselves willing and able to resurrect past designs, as well as iconic nameplates that have long laid dormant. In the case of the ID. Buzz, it’s a new nameplate, but the design pays homage to the legendary VW Type 2, also known as the VW Bus.
VW ID. Buzz rendering 11 photos
VW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz renderingVW ID. Buzz rendering
The Type 2 was introduced in the 1950s and went on to have a successful “career”, spanning decades, with several generations launched. In fact, the modern-day VW Transporter (Multivan) is a direct descendant of the original Bus.

Now, instead of building you a next-gen fully electric Transporter, VW is going all the way back to the original for what will surely be a quirky yet highly appealing compact minivan in the upcoming ID. Buzz, set to debut this spring on March 9.

VW even sent out an official sketch while announcing the EVs launch date, which Kolesa then used to make this rendering, which is probably as accurate as we could hope at this point.

Like its other ID-branded siblings, the ID. Buzz will also ride on the carmaker’s MEB platform, with production set to begin in both Germany as well as in the US at the company’s Chattanooga facility – this goes to show how confident VW is that America will end up loving the ID. Buzz and its quirkiness.

Here’s my problem with this vehicle though. Take Renault – another carmaker that’s resurrecting an old design for its EV revolution in the Renault 5. The latter will go on sale in 2024 and follow the exact recipe of the ID. Buzz. However, the Renault 5 will slot itself nicely in Europe’s hatchback supermini segment, which is still insanely popular.

The ID. Buzz meanwhile will be in a league of its own, for better or worse. I’m not saying there won’t be any buyers out there, but most people will likely still prefer to spend their money on electric SUVs and crossovers, rather than something that’s without a doubt more of an acquired taste.


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