“Voltswagen” Likely to Build the Apple Car, Analyst Believes

Apple is still in the market searching for someone to build the Apple Car, and by the looks of things, there’s a chance the company ends up teaming up with the Germans at Volkswagen.
Apple Car rendering 1 photo
Or Voltswagen, if you wish, though right now, the information in this regard is so confusing that nobody knows if the new branding is real or not.

A press release that apparently leaked early claimed Volkswagen of America would be renamed to Voltswagen. An official announcement that was published a few hours later confirmed the name change. But Volkswagen claims it’s all just a prank for some reason, as the company somehow believed people would start talking about its electrification plans if it comes up with such a joke.

Well, the outcome of this prank will probably be determined in the upcoming days. In the meantime, the analysts at Wedbush believe that even thinking about a moniker like Voltswagen makes the German carmaker just the right partner for Apple.

In other words, it’s the living proof Volkswagen is so ready for the EV revolution, so partnering with Apple is something that makes sense—especially because the Voltswagen name change was said to happen in the United States, and you know, Apple is an American company anyway.

VW is the most likely EV partner for Apple as Cupertino goes through the EV dating game and likely picks its strategic EV partner by the summer time frame for the Apple Car,” Wedbush analysts have been quoted as saying.

The Apple Car project has reached the phase where Apple needs to find a traditional carmaker to take care of the production process. After failed talks with Hyundai, Nissan, and others, it was believed the iPhone maker would eventually turn to a contract manufacturer like Foxconn. However, for the time being, no confirmation of any potential talks with Volkswagen or Voltswagen has been offered.


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