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Unlike Apple, Xiaomi Has Already Found a Carmaker to Build Its EV

In addition to Apple, several other tech giants are said to be exploring a potential expansion in the automotive market, and right now, Xiaomi seems to be most eager to do it.
Xiaomi car could launch in 2023 1 photo
The Chinese firm has been working on its EV plans for quite some time, and according to a Reuters report, it has already found someone to build the car. It’s Great Wall, the company that hasn’t served as a contract manufacturer before but which is ready to help Xiaomi step into the EV market rather sooner than later.

What’s more, Great Wall also wants to offer engineering consultancy to Xiaomi, all in an attempt to bring the car to customers faster.

According to the report, Xiaomi wants its EVs to specifically target the mass market, so in theory, they shouldn’t be as expensive as a potential Apple Car. But on the other hand, just like Apple’s ambitious EV project, Xiaomi would bet big on the tech side of the car, something that would rather position it as a competitor to Tesla rather than an alternative to traditional automakers.

Neither Xiaomi nor Great Wall commented on the report, but an announcement could be made in early April, with the production model of the EV to go live in 2023.

At the first glance, Xiaomi has managed to do what Apple has been struggling with for several months: finding a carmaker to build its EV.

Apple has reportedly discussed such collaboration with Hyundai, but the talks ended abruptly after the South Koreans spilled the beans on the project. Since then, Apple is believed to have been involved in similar negotiations with a series of other automakers, including Nissan.

But Apple’s plan B, which the company seems fully prepared to use, is likely relying on a contract manufacturer like Foxconn, which is currently its number one partner for the iPhone. Foxconn is already making investments in EV production, and it’s believed it could also be the one to build the Apple Car beginning with 2024.


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