Volkner's "Performance" Is a Beast of a Motorhome With a Garage Belly Waiting To Be Filled

Ok, so I don't speak German, but once I ran across Volkner Mobil and the luxurious motorhomes they build, I can tell you that I did take the time to learn enough German to write about the Performance RV. It's a massive motorcoach that sustains this notion with its own garage for your car.
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Photo: Volkner Mobil
Performance Motorcoach InteriorPerformance MotorcoachPerformance MotorcoachPerformance MotorcoachPerformance Motorcoach InteriorPerformance MotorcoachPerformance MotorcoachPerformance MotorcoachPerformance MotorcoachPerformance Motorcoach Interior
You'd think that nearly every website in the world would have the ability to be translated by Google. Apparently, the more expensive a machine may be, the more exclusive it becomes, and Volkner Mobil, a German motorhome powerhouse, seems to like things this way. Come to find out, my browser was simply glitching, and after some playing around with settings, I no longer needed to learn German. So, here we go.

The name Volkner may be rather alien to you and me, and that's ok. After all, they're the sort of team you only seek out if you've got millions of dollars to spend on such exclusive machines. Yes, exclusive, because it's not every day that you're asked to drop at least €1,125,000 ($1,168,000 at current exchange rates) on the most basic of these luxurious mobile caves. They even include their own dang garage; it spits out baby vehicles, much like a mothership.

All this magic starts with a Volvo or Mercedes-Benz diesel engine and chassis, an airbag suspension, a slide-out wall, and more luxury features than you can shake a stick at. But we'll get to that stuff shortly. At this stage, I invite you to explore the belly of the beast and what it can accommodate.

Performance Motorcoach
Photo: Volkner Mobil
First of all, the garage that the Performance boasts is a "patented" system. With it, you can accommodate anything from a Porsche 911, BMW i8, Ferraris, Mini Coopers, or whatever else you can fit into it. If we consider that a standard BMW i8 weighs around 3,395 pounds (1,539 kilograms), I'm sure you can think of other vehicles to bring along.

Maybe you lead a lifestyle that dabbles in a tad of off-road fun; if it fits, it sits. Oh, hydraulics do all the work for you; just drive onto the ramp, get out of your ride, and push a button. Volkner also informs us that this platform is also an excellent place to accommodate a terrace with a little coffee table, a couple of lounge chairs, and possibly a giant umbrella.

With this feature out of the way, let's dive deeper into what lifestyle the Performance offers, and to do that, let's head inside this behemoth. While countless materials create any of the six floorplans available for this literal home with wheels, leathers, marbles, porcelain, and solid woods are clearly visible. To help make everything pop, natural and artificial lighting is used.

Performance Motorcoach Interior
Photo: Volkner Mobil
Since comfort and luxury is the goal here, future owners will also be able to access amenities like an induction cooktop, residential fridge, a dishwasher, and things like espresso machines and wine cabinets are also part of this lifestyle. There's no point in me telling you about things like the generator, solar power capabilities, and other little systems hidden behind walls that help everything function smoothly.

All that jazz makes up the typical spaces we're used to in something like this, including a bathroom, bedroom, and galley, but it's areas like the entertainment lounge and office that really stand out in the floorplans. Speaking of layouts, depending on your needs, the features mentioned above are sure to vary. Some units sacrifice kitchen amenities for space and comfort, and the other way around, so take the time to dive deeper if you've got a million dollars sitting around waiting for something like this. Wait a minute, at least $1,168,000 (at current exchange rates). Oh, the way some people live.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of Volkner Performance motorcoaches and features.

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