Venture RV Aims to Monopolize the RV Game With the Affordable Sonic Lite Travel Trailers

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Who the heck wants an RV or travel trailer fitted with gator skin, carbon fiber grab bars, and all the comforts of a five-star hotel? Personally, that's not glamping. If you want to get out there and get your hands dirty for low bucks, the Sonic Lite travel trailers are worth exploring, and that's precisely what's happening here today.
If the name Venture RV sounds familiar to you, it's because they're a brand of none other than KZ Inc., now a subsidiary of Thor Industries. Built upon mobile living knowledge that dates back to 1972, you can start to understand that any travel trailer to leave Venture's lots is tuned and optimized to fit your needs, wants, and budget.

Speaking of budget, I wasn't able to make out the exact starting price of the Sonic Lite lineup on the manufacturer's website, but in searching good ol' Google for clues, I found new 2022 units priced as low as $27K for the more spacious SL169VRK floorplan. A more compact unit like the SL150VRK or SL150VRB is sure to cost less; music to my ears. Let's dive in, shall we?

One feature that Venture RV is banking on is creating a rather light RV, for the capabilities it offers, that is. With that in mind, note that the lightest travel trailer in the lineup comes with a starting weight of 3,000 pounds (1,360 kilograms), even though units include all the features you'll ever need out in the wild. This is made possible with a "low alloy" steel chassis upon which Venture lays down Azdel panels, fiberglass insulation, and a one-piece fiberglass roof to create your habitat.

Sonic Lite Travel Trailer
Photo: Venture RV
To offer some insight into the sort of life you can lead with one of these puppies, allow me to paint a picture with words. There you are, in the middle of the woods, with the only comprehensible sounds being the treetops rustling in the wind and the occasional bird chirping. In that utter peace and silence, you take a deep breath of fresh air, look around for a moment, soak it all in, and start setting up your campsite.

Set up the outdoor lounge, unfurl an awning, and maybe activate a slide-out if your floorplan has one. Why not gather some wood with the kids and start a little fire. Since it's early in the day, it's time to start preparing lunch. To do that, you climb inside your wheeled cave and unfurl your cooking skills using the complete galley. Once ready, why not enjoy the meal outside? After all, it's why you came out here in the first place.

Sonic Lite Travel Trailer Interior
Photo: Venture RV
After a quick siesta, you and your loved one(s) prepare to undertake the rest of your adventure activities. If you've mounted a bike rack to your camper, take those bikes down and ride off into the sunset. Maybe there's a lake nearby, and you brought some inflatable paddle boards. Into climbing or fishing? There's plenty of storage space to accommodate your gear and ideas. Back at your temporary crib, everyone cleans off and prepares for the night. But first, a late snack and some s'mores over the fire.

Sure, the gator skin and carbon fiber accents are missing from these units, but I like to consider them the more down-to-earth option compared to what's out there. Otherwise, it would be like buying a Ferrari and not having enough cash to put gas into it. In short, I don't need to be a rock star or take out a loan to get my hands on the off-grid lifestyle, and that's always something to consider.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of Sonic Lite travel trailers and features.

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