On-Road Living Has a New Name, and It's British: Swift Sprite Campers Bring Cheap Thrills

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"I'm telling you, it's got to be one of the most affordable and stylish travel trailers I've seen. I don't know how else to say things." "Listen. I'm a man that needs to see things for himself, so show me." "Here, have a look at this article I found, and you'll understand."
The two characters above are talking about nothing more than a travel trailer from over in the U.K. that, frankly, has me buzzing for several reasons, one of which is a starting price set at no more than £22,300, around $27,000 (at current exchange rates). It's called the Sprite, and while this lineup from Britain's RV manufacturer Swift includes seven floorplans, the Alpine 2 is the one whose price I just mentioned. Because it's also the least expensive of the bunch, I feel we can use it to showcase just how Swift defines this new class. Oh, and then there's the fact that nobody wants to spend their life savings on a mobile habitat. Let's dive in, shall we?

To give you a better idea of what's in store with this one, we must first take a look at the minds and hands behind the magic. If you've never heard of Swift, all you need to know is that they're a sort of Winnebago of the U.K. and Europe. Considering their first machine was crafted and sold in 1964, you can already start to understand what we're up against.

What does that mean for future owners of a Sprite? It means a lightweight construction, even though this thing is 6.05 meters (19.8 feet) long and fitted with the goodies you want and need to live comfortably while exploring the world. 1,218 kilograms (2,685 pounds) are composed of things like a galvanized steel chassis, GRP panels all over the habitat, and insulation up to 32 millimeters (1.3 inches) thick. The result? A pocket-friendly travel trailer. But what about the sort of life you can lead with this bugger? To help you grasp one possible lifestyle, I invite you on a trip through my imagination.

Sprite Travel Trailer Interior
Photo: The Swift Group
There you are, on the dealership lot, looking at what nearly $30K just bought you. After inspecting everything and ensuring quality is up to par, hitch it up behind your truck, and head home to start packing. The unit's exterior doesn't offer much storage; maybe a roof and/or bike rack is all we get. But, inside, that story changes, and we can see countless overhead storage and cabinetry lying in wait for your gear, food, and clothes. Go ahead, bring a stack of books.

Now, the Alpine two is meant only for two guests, but for £200 more, you can accommodate four guests due to a shift in amenities and the inclusion of another double bed. Nonetheless, there are benefits to having a unit designed for two people, one of which is comfort. Nearly half of the unit is reserved for a dinette that transforms into a bed spanning the entire width of the camper, while the rest features a galley unit, a residential shower (separate amenities), an entertainment center, and more storage.

Sprite Travel Trailer Interior
Photo: The Swift Group
After you've made it out to your campsite and you've stabilized your mobile adventure cave, unload the campsite gear you've packed, start a little fire, maybe unfurl an awning if you have one, and relax, and I really mean, relax. Since you have features like a three-burner top, sink, fridge, and a solid electrical system with a control panel, you don't have to do anything except plug this puppy into some shore power or throw out the solar panels. Why not drop some extra cash and grab roof-mounted panels instead?

And that's nowhere near the end of what the Sprites have in store for curious researchers. In truth, I've only scratched the surface with the information I've presented, so take the time to dive deeper. Who knows, maybe the Sprite is so up to par with your tastes that you even pay for the shipping fees to bring yours to the U.S. Maybe we make enough hubbub that Swift opens a dealership in the good ol' U.S. of A. Maybe you, the one reading this, own a dealership and simply need to make a phone call to become the exclusive dealer of Swift campers like the Sprite for America. Talk about raking in the bucks.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of unspecified Sprite floorplans and features.

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