Unimpressed by the Design, Independent Rendering Artist Gives the Toyota GR 86 a Facelift

The all-new Toyota Prius (yes, we said Prius, but bear with us a bit) has entered the rendering blender more times than we can count, and that’s despite premiering last week. It has been imagined in all sorts of guises and has lent some of its traits to other models, with more or less successful results.
Toyota GR 86 - Rendering 6 photos
Toyota GR 86 - RenderingToyota GR 86 - RenderingToyota GR 86 - RenderingToyota GR 86 - RenderingToyota GR 86 - Rendering
Nonetheless, one of the most striking that we have seen is Jon Sibal’s take on the Toyota GR 86. We first wrote about it a few days ago, and since it is such a bold and pretty proposal, we decided to dedicate another story to it, this time accompanied by even more computer-generated images.

It hardly resembles the Japanese company’s affordable sports coupe anymore, and that’s because some of its pixels were heavily rearranged. It has the Prius’ eyes and part of the nose, and that makes it look more modern than the real thing, which is only one year old.

For the next visual trick, the rendering artist gave it a very aggressive body kit, with a Bosozoku-like flair. The car looks like something that would get Liberty Walk’s seal of approval, and we mean that in a positive way, as we (okay, I) have always been a fan of their work, at least on certain models.

Wide fender flares at the front, complete with the tweaked bumper to fit the design, which otherwise has a chin spoiler with side blades attached to it, give it a menacing stance. It has a vented hood, bigger side skirts, and more muscular shoulders. There is a huge diffuser partially visible in the illustrations, and an oversized wing attached to the trunk lid too. The new wheels, with a motorsport vibe and thin tires, side mirrors, bucket seats inside, and roll cage complete the makeover.

The artist hinted at a full GT4 take on the GR 86, so we look forward to that one too. Meanwhile, you should hit the comments area and tell us if this one is a yay or nay to you.


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