Tufport Reclaims Its Seat at the Head of the Truck Camper Table With the New Overlander

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Photo: Tufport
OverlanderOverlanderOverlanderOverlanderOverlanderOverlanderOverlander FloorplanOverlander FloorplanOverlander FloorplanOverlander FloorplanOverlander Floorplan
Whenever a timeless manufacturer spits out something modern and fresh, you can bet your bottom dollar we're there to share the news, and this seems to be the case with Tufport and their newly unveiled Overlander truck camper. Whip out your checkbooks and buckle up for this one, folks.
Ladies and gents, the name Tufport has been a staple of North American truck camper living since 1989, when they got into the business of manufacturing fiberglass truck tops and campers simply because no one else would live up to their needs and standards of on-road living. Come to think of it, that's a story I've heard many times over.

Well, for years, this fiberglass manipulator has been floating under the radar, often supplying Canada and some of the US with units suitable for a wide range of trucks, and for years, things appeared to go unchanged. Little did we know that Tufport never stopped working, and the results of their behind-the-curtains development are now visible.

All this brings us to the Overlander, the unit displayed in those renderings in the gallery, and while the manufacturer doesn't tell us a whole lot about what's going on with this one, there's enough info to know that we're all in for a very unique treat.

Photo: Tufport
For example, according to this unit's launch page, we're looking at a one-piece fiberglass and composite construction, or a monocoque, for short. What does this mean for us? For starters, we're in for a camper that the elements are going to have the hardest of times infiltrating, ensuring a long-lasting machine. It also means a rather light unit, we just don't know how light.

Beyond that, it's been designed to fit most mid and full-size trucks, and with a cover system, the bedroom is nicely set out of the way of the rest of the living space, offering precious space to play around with, and oh how Tufport has played. First of all, R22 insulation means you can venture into the colder months with ease as long as you have an adequate heating system in place.

Now, once you've made it to whatever campsite you have in mind, or maybe you're out in the middle of nowhere, as you should very well be since it's a truck camper, park your gas or diesel-guzzler and stretch those legs. At this stage, it's not clear if you can unload your Overlander, but it is a slide-in unit, so that should be an option, at least.

Photo: Tufport
For now, let's leave it mounted on your truck, unload all the goods you've prepared for your campsite, extend an awning, and voila, you're home, if only temporarily. Flip a switch, let those standard solar panels work their magic, and let's hop inside to see what else is in store.

To enter the Overlander, we'll be required to use a rear door, most likely with the help of a stepladder, and once inside, you'll find yourself in the bed of your truck, involved by all the necessities that could be squeezed into the unit.

For example, to your immediate left, a large galley block fills the entire port wall. The renderings reveal a large tower where we'll find space for an optional fridge and what looks like some room for storing a toilet or whatever you decide to bring along, as well as a countertop that is sure to appeal to the master chefs among us.

Across from the galley, we can spot a couch or dinette waiting for you to settle your tired bones and, with the help of what looks like a removable table, enjoy your meals in the safety of a rather bulletproof unit. This feature is also modular and transforms into a twin bed.

Overlander Floorplan
Photo: Tufport
The final space found inside is that cab-over bed I mentioned. Up here, elevated above the world in your own private cocoon, you'll be able to rest your soul and wake up refreshed to the sounds of the local flora and fauna or birds chirping in the trees.

The next morning, with eyes half-shut, you may find yourself having trouble finding your clothes in the plethora of storage bins found underneath the galley and couch, but you'll manage. You will, however, be required to head outside to take a shower because the floor plan doesn't show us anything of the sort. This is typical of such units, so weigh your options.

For everything else, it looks like you'll need to bring your Mastercard, which brings me to my next point. At this time, the manufacturer doesn't show a price for this beast, but you can request a quote from Tufport. As an idea of what to expect, other slide-in units from Tufport are priced around the $12K range, but that's in Canadian Dollars, so it comes out to around the $9,000 range (American).

Clearly, this won't be the case with something as fresh and modern as Overlander, but we can still expect one hell of a deal: drop a few more bucks into it and transform your summer vacations into something else entirely.
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