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Toyota Supra Police Interceptor Looks Like a Transformer Hiding

Police cars play a major part in modern American culture. You see them all the time in the news, as well as in movies and music videos. Some YouTube builders also make a habit of buying retired examples.
Toyota Supra Police Interceptor Looks Like a Transformer Hiding 3 photos
Toyota Supra Police Interceptor Looks Like a Transformer HidingToyota Supra Police Interceptor Looks Like a Transformer Hiding
So how does a Toyota Supra fit into all of this? It doesn't. Outside of maybe Japan, no country is going to be interested in a sports car with a turbocharged engine that's secretly covered in BMW badges. When you frame it like that, maybe the Japanese police don't want one either.

And that's not necessarily a good thing, since it could have sent an interesting message: We get your hobbies but keep them on the racetrack. Every year (except this one, obviously), a German tuner is selected to transform a popular sports car for police service as part of a program called "TUNE IT! SAFE!" Wouldn't it be cool to see that kind of stuff at SEMA too?

Creating fake Police Interceptors is a forte of digital artist Aksyonov Nikita, who recently did a conversion for the Toyota Supra. The spec? It's got cop tires, a cop motor, cop shocks, cop everything. That's a Blues Brothers reference, in case you missed it.

So why use a Supra? Well, that ties in with the origin of the Police Interceptor. After the Great Depression, American police services needed a fast, cheap cruiser to chase street racers. They picked the Ford Model 18, equipped with the same V8 that hot rodders put into their builds. Can you imagine modern police forces getting 2JZ swaps so they can catch other Supras?

The other movie theme this rendering reminds us of is Transformers. More specifically, Barricade the Decepticon. The Mustang was really cool and appropriate, but this Supra would work if they did an anime version of the show. Don't judge us for our crazy ideas; they did it with Batman and a bunch of comic book heroes.


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