Tomahawk E-Supercar Promises 370-Mile Range and 0-60 MPH in Two Seconds

We first caught word of the Tomahawk electric supercar in January 2016, when it released an over-the-top promotional video that was hard to watch while drinking any kind of liquids without spurting them all over the display.
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Dubuc Motors TomahawkDubuc Motors TomahawkDubuc Motors TomahawkDubuc Motors TomahawkDubuc Motors TomahawkDubuc Motors TomahawkDubuc Motors Tomahawk
In short, the company claimed we were all lucky that Dubuc Motors - the company behind the Tomahawk - was founded because it was going to revolutionize everything we know about cars. It is, essentially, the same speech we hear from every EV startup that has surfaced over the past three or four years.

The Tomahawk, however, also came with some very promising specs, and even though they were (and still are) nothing more than a few signs on a computer screen, they sounded good enough to make us wish they came true. For instance, the Tomahawk promised a 300-mile maximum range, a three seconds 0-60 mph acceleration time and seating for four.

Well, guess what? Those numbers just got better, and not only that, but Dubuc Motors also announced a release date for the Tomahawk. So, the U.S./Canadian company thinks it can bring forward an electric supercar that can reach 60 mph in just two seconds (in race mode, four in street mode). They probably got wind of Tesla's 2.3 seconds time and decided to up the ante accordingly.

But wait, it gets better. The 800 hp EV will also be capable of covering 370 miles on a single charge of its 100 kWh battery. What kind of sorcery is that, you ask? Hell if we know, but it might have something to do with the lightweight carbon fiber chassis and body that it uses, as well as a very wishful-thinking on the part of Dubuc Motors.

As we've said before, we think the Tomahawk could do with a better-looking exterior, but if it delivers everything it promises, its aesthetics really wouldn't matter that much anymore. The company says it has raised enough money to kickstart production, something that should happen in 2018. Fingers crossed.

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