Tiffin's 2025 Midas Class C RV Has the Golden Touch: It's Perfect for the Modern Couple

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They say King Midas had a golden touch. Well, if Tiffin's 2025 Midas Class C motorhome is anything like the touch of that king, then we're in for a real treat with this one. Balance those checkbooks, and let's see what this RV has in store.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever end up on Tiffin Motorhomes' website, you'll lock eyes with the one and only Midas. It's the ravishing Class C motorhome you see in the image gallery, and while most units from this manufacturer come in an array of floorplans, the Midas only has one. After all, perfection comes in only one final shape and size.

But, before we go on, there's something I need to point out: the images in the gallery are currently of the 2024 model. That's because while Tiffin has already unveiled what the 2025 unit is to be stocked with, they just haven't gotten around to a photoshoot yet.

Now, the Midas is the sort of habitat that fits as much as possible into a space as small as possible. To do that, Tiffin relies upon a Ford Transit 350 HD with AWD and a 3.5-liter EcoBoost gas engine with 310 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Once that base is ready and set, the living space is brought to life and dropped on the rear of that Ford.

2025 Midas
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
Sure, a Ford chassis is great, but that's not really what we're here for; we're here for the on-road living possibilities. So, with that in mind, let's pretend we spent nearly $165K (€154,600 at current exchange rates) on a new Midas, load it up with all our belongings, and hit the imaginary road.

I know what you might be thinking: $165K!? Yes, and while it is well above what most people are willing to spend on a rolling habitat, do consider that Tiffin has been crafting such machines for years, and that means that you are basically buying a home with wheels. Why not sell your actual home and join the growing number of Americans switching to the on-road life?

That said, the Midas is an RV that's suitable for only two sleepy guests, even though it can carry four seated people during transit; it's a couple's camper. What does this mean? Well, let's close those eyes and picture yourself waking up to a new day inside this unit.

Since you'll most likely be in the middle of some trailer park, maybe you're boondocking - your alarm won't be the sound of cars honking outside your window, but rather, birds chirping in a nearby tree or a flowing brook; maybe you have both.

2024 Midas
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
Upon arising from your slumber, you'll find yourself in the middle of this unit's living room. Now, the neat thing here is that this bed is set up on a slideout, so there's plenty of space to move around the cabin without disturbing your significant other, but you will have to wait until they're awake to put this Murphy bed back into place and reveal a couch.

Since you're on breakfast duties, you roll out of bed first, head to the back of the Midas, close the door to the bathroom, and get ready for the day. We'll skip the showers and pleasantries for now; just know that separate features are the name of the game. The main wardrobe is also found on this side of the home, so you can easily change into whatever clothing your day's activities ask for.

Finding ourselves back in the living space, we turn our attention to the galley sitting along the left side of the Midas. For the 2025 model year, Tiffin has added access to 38 gals (143 liters) of fresh water, a one-burner top, a stainless steel sink, a fridge, and a faucet. The latter also has a built-in sprayer and a convection microwave.

2024 Midas \(Interior\)
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
It's with these features that you'll start to fill the interior with the smell of coffee, and once your beloved zombie is moving around the RV, too, the smell of bacon and eggs joins the mix. But where to enjoy this meal? Well, you can use the dinette table found by the couch, but I have a better idea. Since outdoor living is the name of the game, let's open up the Midas' doors and plop down on the lawn chairs waiting for you outside and underneath an awning. Now, that's the right way to have breakfast!

Once your meal settles and the sun has warmed your bones, it's time to go about all the other daily activities this unit allows for. Since the exterior is tattered with storage lockers, it's from here that you'll dig out your fishing or hiking gear and even tend to your water tanks and electrical setup.

Speaking of which, Tiffin has done quite a number on this one and includes a 2,000 W inverter, 4 kW Onan generator, 200 W of standard solar power, and two house batteries. While you're out and about, all that will be working its magic, and AC and heating will ensure you come back to your perfect home. Plumbing's not that far behind either, ready with a Showermiser, Truma instant water heater, control panels and monitoring systems, and even heated tanks.

Listen, I could sit here and talk you through everything this unit has in store, but until you actually grab a phone, head down to a dealership, and actually explore one for yourself, you'll never know why Tiffin is where they are today. Come to think of it, Tiffin is the one with the Midas touch.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery only showcase the 2024 model, as images of the 2025 unit are not yet available.

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