Jayco's Newest Class C RV Is Fresh, Family-Worthy, and Can Even Replace Your Urban Home

2024 Greyhawk XL 11 photos
Photo: Jayco Inc
2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL2024 Greyhawk XL
One of America's most beloved RV and travel trailer manufacturers is and has always been Jayco. Well, this time around, we dive a tad deeper into one of their newest machines, the 2024 Greyhawk XL. Better balance those checkbooks for this one, folks, as this timeless manufacturer may have outdone themselves.
Ladies and gents, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery, and as you do, be sure to compare the Greyhawk XL to other Class C RVs this Jayco is known for. Be sure to notice neat differences like the way the cab-over is shaped and built, the base vehicle Jayco has chosen for this venture - a Ford F550 with a 4x4 chassis - and that modern and European-like interior. Once you're done, come back to the text to see what we can get our hands on for around $257K (€236,500 at current exchange rates).

Yes, what we have before us is going to cost quite a bit, but the tradeoff is a mobile habitat worthy of the word home. For starters, we must consider that the XL is built similarly to other Jayco products, with their signature StrongholdBVL roof, floor, and sidewalls. Once bead-foam insulation is tossed inside, we find up to an R-24 rating in some areas.

Now, to get a feel for what we're in for here, let's kick back for the next few minutes and pretend we own one of these babies. That said, you can grab up to four other family members to join you on this adventure; you pick your favorite. Load up, and let's go.

2024 Greyhawk XL
Photo: Jayco Inc / YouTube Screenshot
Driving along, all the magic that is Ford will be there at your finger and toe tips, including the ability to manipulate a 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine that spits out 330 hp and up to 950 lb-ft of torque. Ford technology, including Roll Stability Control (RCS), SYNC 3 infotainment center, SOS, and countless others, are also in place. But we're here for the outdoor living lifestyle, so let's get to it.

To do this, picture yourself having made it to your destination, be it in a trailer park or some hidden orchard in the middle of some private property; don't just park your RV on the side of the road. Get out, stretch your legs, take in a breath of fresh air, and have a look around at the lovely world we live in.

From here, everyone in your party should start scurrying around like ants, each one with their own task. Some of the gang will begin to unload all the campsite goodies you brought along for the trip, including an outdoor picnic table, a tent, inflatable kayaks and all that, e-bikes, and if we take note of this machine's towing capabilities, why not unload an ATV or a pair of dirt bikes.

2024 Greyhawk XL
Photo: Jayco Inc
You, on the other hand, are in charge of maximizing the space available to your family. To do so, you'll activate this unit's slideouts integrated into the shell, helping the interior expand by a few feet to the side. The king bed found in the bedroom is placed on a slideout, and so is the kitchen and dinette. If your significant other decides to take over the expansion, you can just climb on the roof and tend to your solar panels.

Once you've extended the awning, unleashed the kids, and your favorite jams are playing in the outdoor entertainment center, take a seat, close your eyes, and let that feeling you've been chasing enter the very depth of your soul. Crack open a cold one, throw on the shades, and enjoy.

As the day rolls by, the XL works all its magic behind closed doors, including capturing energy from the sun, keeping your water and interior warm, and food and drinks cold. Don't worry about power failures and a 6,000 W generator with autostart is in place, but only part of the Customer Value Package.

2024 Greyhawk XL
Photo: Jayco Inc
While your family members continue to do whatever it is they're doing, you decide that the driving and beer have finally taken their toll, and you're just going to go inside for a quick siesta. to do so, the XL offers an array of sleeping options to choose from.

You can crawl into the cab-over bedding and curl up into a little ball with a TV at your feet or put in some energy and convert the dinette. Too much work? Just plop down on the recliner sofa or seats. Nah, the bedroom for this king (me), where an equally named bedspread awaits my tired bones.

You arise to the smell of dinner on the stove, and after a quick stretch and change of clothes, you step out into the living room to see your significant other double, double toil and trouble away over a stew and some mashed potatoes; the kids are still outside building a fire for the evening's S'mores. The doorway awaits for you to lean on it and watch to make sure the fire stays in check.

Again, it's going to cost you about as much as some homes, but the lifestyle tradeoff with the fresh Greyhawk XL is something that I just can't help but smile about.

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