Orca's FF Is a Tiny Camper That Explodes Into a Full Off-Grid Habitat Worthy of Families

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Photo: Orca RV
Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)Orca Forward Fold (FF)
Sure, small things are cute, and all, but this next one is clearly misleading because Orca RV's Forward Fold travel trailer is one of those campers that looks small, but only at first. It then explodes into a fully functioning off-grid and off-road campsite. Book a ticket for this one, folks, because we're heading to Australia.
Ladies and gents and lovers of the outdoors, lend me your eyes for the next few minutes so that we may get to expand our on-road living horizons with this here Orca Forward Fold (FF) unit. Don't worry; it won't take long before you find yourself discussing this year's travel plans with your significant other and the family, so let's dive in.

Now, if the name Orca RV rings a bell, it's because we've featured this crew's work before. They're an Australian team that's been around since the "2010s," and considering they're still alive and kicking today in an industry that's dominated by crews with a lot more history behind them, it means they're doing something right. Oh, and the way they did this was by bringing to life heavily fortified and mobile structures that give the outdoorsman and woman the essentials they want and need to sustain the wildest life for days. All that brings us to the FF.

Kicking things off for this unit, allow me to point out that this is a family-friendly camper, and while it doesn't look like the largest unit we'll ever see in this lifetime, the moment you've found that spot in the middle of nowhere, the FF literally erupts with features thrown every which way; it could very well be one of the most standard equipped trailers I've encountered while covering these machines.

Orca Forward Fold \(FF\)
Photo: Orca RV
For starters, allow me to point out the suspension system the FF offers. As you'd expect from an Australian machine, this one, too, is equipped with a trailing arm suspension with twin shock absorbers and coil springs, and once Cruisemaster steps in with a DO35 coupling, you're set to hit up whatever terrain your vehicle can handle. Rock guards, mud flaps, and MT tires are also part of the mix. Oh, and just to make sure we're on the same page here, these are all standard goodies.

Moving up the FF, we arrive at the all-important body. Like most campers of this style, the FF gets its name from the way the living space is created, typically by unfolding the camper's roof, revealing a massive tent structure in the process. It's here that you and your family will be able to enjoy their meals, catch up on some sleep, or escape from the rain outside; the canopy is waterproofed.

Now, don't expect much from the interior; Australians love their outdoor living, and the FF lacks nothing you'd ever need. For example, travel trailers such as these are covered with storage bays and lockers designed to house every single piece of gear you'd ever need off-grid, and the FF includes my all-time favorite kitchen style, a slideout galley, integrated beautifully into the camper's body and available with four such trays. One's for the cooktop and grill, sink, and countertop, another for the fridge, and two other stacked trays for other goods. Do take a moment to picture yourself whipping up a meal here, the family running around, and the birds playing today's soundtrack.

Orca Forward Fold \(FF\)
Photo: Orca RV
While having a place to sleep and eat is essential, to really take things to the next level, a camper needs countless pieces of gear and systems aimed at complete self-efficiency. Well, if the FF didn't have what it takes to achieve off-grid sustainability, we wouldn't be talking.

That said, within those bays, I mentioned, future owners will have access to features like 130 liters (34 gals) of fresh water, two 100 Ah batteries, water pumps, and even a gas installation. For solar power, the FF is prewired, but panels and charge controllers are extra. Hot water and an outdoor shower are also extra, so be sure to think about the sort of trips you plan on undergoing.

Yet, this isn't the end of this story. By the time you're done loading the FF up with all your essentials and creature comforts, you'll be looking at a unit that looks a whole like your house, just turned inside out. Heck, you can throw on a pair of kayaks, a couple of e-bikes, fishing poles, and off you go.

Orca Forward Fold \(FF\)
Photo: Orca RV
At the end of the day, you'll find yourself hanging out under the stars, with a fire at your feet, the kids roasting S'mores on an open fire, and your significant other right here beside you, smiling into the blaze, just like you. Since tent annexes are also part of the game here, you don't even need to head inside for the night; just unroll a sleeping bag or two.

The question is, just how much can we expect to pay for one of these puppies? Well, it depends on who your dealer is and what features are in store, but generally, I've spotted Orca Forward Folds around the $30K to $35K AUD range. That's a tad between $19,600 and $23,000 USD. I wonder when North America will catch up to these prices.
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