Arkto Jumps the Camper Gun and Unveils Their Overly-Capable 2025 G12 Travel Trailer

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Photo: Arkto Campers
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Since 2021, a Canadian travel trailer manufacturer by the name of Arkto has been causing quite a stir in the North American camper community. Well, they're back, and jumping the gun on unleashing their 2025 machines onto the world.
Folks, you may have spotted the name Arkto Campers on our pages before, but this time around, we'll be exploring the 2025 G12, their flagship model. Oh, it's also their one and only camper, too, meaning they've poured all their know-how into the package before you. As a result, we're looking at one hell of a machine, so grab the family, buckle up, and let's get to exploring.

First and foremost, it should help to get to know a bit about how these babies are built, and then we can see what they have to offer. That said, allow me to point out that the G12 is built upon a galvanized steel chassis with a Timbren HD suspension. But the real attractive point is the 4-inch lift kit.

Photo: Arkto Campers
As we move up the G12, we arrive at the composite shell, the one and the same that has been crafted with up to an R-7 insulation rating and can support the off-grid lifestyle of four people. But my favorite part of this unit's shell and exterior is its inclination toward outdoor living, so let's start with that.

For the remainder of this article, I'd like to invite you on a bit of a journey through imagination. That way, you can place yourself in the center of the action and really get a feel for what 2025 has in store. To do so, picture yourself wither in some trailer park, or, because the G12's off-grid abilities can be extended far beyond the standard it offers, you can even picture yourself in the middle of nowhere or by the side of some hidden mountain lake you discovered on Google Maps over the winter.

At this stage, you and your family will have gotten out of their vehicle and begun to set up your campsite. It's here that you'll start to unload all the goodies you brought along from the port side of the G12. From storage suitable for things like picnic tables to fishing rods and inflatable goods; all have a place within the G12's shell. For bikes, grab a rack.

G12 Outdoor Galley
Photo: Arkto Campers
But it's the starboard side of the travel trailer that appeals the most. Why? If you divert your attention to the images in the gallery, you'll see that this wheeled home's shell also boasts a solid outdoor galley. There's a two-burner top, a stainless steel sink, a hot/cold faucet, countertop space, storage for cutlery, a pantry, and access to 37 gals (140 l) of fresh water. The other slideout houses a fridge, a setup similar to those seen in Australian units. Go ahead, extend that awning, and start enjoying this season.

Now, before we head indoors, I do want to point out all the off-grid abilities that this machine has to offer. For 2025, a REDARC Manager 30 management system is in place, accompanied by two 100 Ah batteries, a solar charge controller, and DC-DC charging. But, it can get so much wilder!

One neat thing about Arkto is that they really love their off-grid living, so for those future owners who want to get away from it all and surround themselves with nothing but the natural world, the Stay Longer package is for you. I'm talking about 945 Ah of battery power, up to 1,600 W of solar panel power mounted to the roof, and a REDARC Manager100. You're not going to have any problems with this sort of setup, that's for sure. But, it will cost you extra, so be prepared with an extra $12K just for this package.

G12 Interior
Photo: Arkto Campers
With most of what the exterior can offer being covered, let's move on to the inside of the G12. As a pop-top camper, once extended into place - achieved by an electric lift system - 6.6 ft (2 m) of room is available inside, but, as you can see from the image gallery, the interior is mainly to be used for nothing other than dining, sleeping, using a toilet, and storage. Again, it's a unit designed for outdoor living, not sitting around inside and watching TV. If, however, a storm hits, you can easily set up a portable cooktop and sink on the countertop found at the front of the unit.

Regarding showers and all that, the exterior of the G12 offers this luxury, but you may need to grab an annex tent if you're looking for some privacy. Oh, and a neat thing about the toilet is that it can also be accessed from outside the camper. a Truma Combi furnace/water heater will give you the right temperature.

The question now is how much will we need to spend to get our hands on this? Well, no more than $50,000 American (€46,000 at current exchange rates), but don't forget about that beefed-up energy package I mentioned. Just a little somethign-something to open your interest to the upcoming season.
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