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This Superyacht Was Built to Be Self-Sufficient, Still Mysterious After Three Decades

When you look at this superyacht’s opulent interior and learn about its impressive capabilities, you might be tempted to think that it’s one of the latest models to hit the water. Surprisingly, not only is this spectacular boat thirty-year-old, but nobody can confirm who the owner is, undoubtedly someone wealthy and famous.
Double Haven is one of the most secretive self-sufficient superyachts 12 photos
Double Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven SuperyachtDouble Haven Superyacht
Double Haven was delivered by the world-famous Feadship shipyard in 1993. Today, luxury yachts with huge volumes and a sprawling master suite are common, but back then, this bespoke luxury toy was a game-changer.

Not only was it incredibly spacious, but it was specifically designed to be able to remain self-sufficient for up to six months because the couple that owned it apparently lived on board for a long period of time.

In terms of volume, this 167-footer (51 meters) boasts 117 GT. This resulted in enough space for 12 guests and 16 crew members and an owner’s private residence that unfolds over the entire upper deck.

According to Feadship, this was the owner’s main request – he wanted not just a simple suite but a luxurious apartment. As you can see in the photos, it includes a large, opulent bathroom, and a fully-functional private office. Again, these features are not rare today, but they were a mark of true luxury thirty years ago.

Despite its impressive size, this bespoke vessel also had to be able to remain at sea for almost half of the year if needed, without having to rely on shore services. This meant the addition of fuel tanks that could hold up to 128,500 liters (33,900 gallons) of fuel, and water tanks with a capacity of 37,700 liters (10,000 gallons), in addition to extensive storage spaces.

As a result, Double Haven could travel to remote islands and bays, with its mysterious owners living comfortably on board. And so it did. The secretive pleasure yacht was spotted all over the world, from Hong Kong to New Zealand and Alaska.

Apart from being self-sufficient, Double Haven is just as luxurious as today’s superyachts, boasting a helipad, a wellness center, the main salon that transforms into a dancefloor, and plenty of water toys, including two bespoke tenders.

There’s been much speculation regarding the owner of this mysterious luxury boat. According to MotorYachting, some believed it was Jean Claude Van Damme. Others said it was the second-richest man in Mexico, Alberto Bailleres. But there are more signs indicating that it could be Merle A. Hinrichs, the American founder and chairman of Global Sources, a media company based in Hong Kong.

According to the same source, the yacht’s name is linked to the Yan Chau Tong Marine Park (Double Haven), a protected bay in the Hong Kong area. Also, the spectacular interior created by Glade Johnson shows a clear Asian influence. In any case, the fact that this bespoke yacht hasn’t changed its name since 1993 indicates that it still belongs to the same owner.

Whoever the mysterious owner is, he’s apparently ready to part with this custom toy after three decades. Double Haven is listed for sale. According to Superyacht Times, the price is somewhere around $26 million.

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