This Guy's 1981 DeLorean Sports the Beating Heart of a Modern Chevy Truck

Lpl Lol's V6 Swap DeLorean 6 photos
Photo: Lpl Lol on YouTube
Lpl Lol's V6 Swap DeLoreanLpl Lol's V6 Swap DeLoreanLpl Lol's V6 Swap DeLoreanLpl Lol's V6 Swap DeLoreanLpl Lol's V6 Swap DeLorean
At this stage, is LS swapping an old DeLorean really all that special? Well, as the saying goes, everything on a long enough timeline gets an LS swap eventually. But don't think you only have one option when it comes to making this timeless yet underpowered classic considerably faster. Just take a look at what Larry from the Lpl Lol YouTube channel managed to find for his custom DeLorean. Nope, it's not an LT or even the universal LS, but rather a modern V6. Safe to say, it's the most interesting custom DeLorean build we've seen in a very long time.
From the factory, all DeLorean DMC-12s sported a 2.85-liter Renault PRV V6 cranking out a measly 130 horsepower and an even less impressive 150 lb-ft of torque. This hilarious lack of power has been a point of mockery for DeLorean since the early 1980s. It's only gotten funnier as the years go on, that's for sure. But after Larry got a hold of this particular 1981 DMC-12, he had plans to remedy the situation without the need for a big, heavy, thumping-great V8. Instead, he sourced his new engine from a pretty peculiar source. It's a 4.3-liter General Motors LV3 V6 out of an early 2020 Chevy Silverado, which Larry claims got wrecked during a dealership test drive with a total of six miles on the odometer.

Can someone else besides us please call that the deal of the century? Because that's the kind of acquisition we engine swap geeks daydream about. But don't expect this engine to be slapped into this DeLorean's rear engine bay without some serious TLC applied to every nook and cranny of this motor. Added goodies include an aftermarket camshaft from Scoggin-Dickie, new valve springs, an E92 ECU tune, and a new wiring harness from Swap Specialities to seamlessly unite this antiquated but beautiful stainless steel box on wheels to its shiny new engine.

Couple this with the gasoline direct injection and lightweight aluminum cylinder heads native to the LV3, and there are V8s out there in the wild that don't make as much power as the 297 hp this motor cranks out in its stock tune running E85 ethanol-based fuel. The engine is paired to the DMC-12's stock Renault UN-1 five-speed gearbox. A bit of a head-scratcher if you ask us, a modern GM 6L80 six-speed seems more appropriate for this application, at least to our eyes. But come on, we're not going to nitpick this custom ride too badly. The level of creativity and genuine strokes of good luck to get such a modern, mile-free powertrain is nothing short of commendable. Check out Larry's YouTube channel down below, hopefully, we see some more content coming out of it sooner rather than later.

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