This Is When the Next-Gen C9 Corvette Will Reportedly Debut

The C8 Corvette is not at its peak yet, as there are other models that will join the family, next to the Stingray, Z06, and the first-ever E-Ray hybrid all-wheel drive model. However, it appears that General Motors has already decided when they will pull the plug on it, replacing it with an entirely new generation, and that date is sooner than some might have expected.
Chevrolet Corvette C9 - rendering 8 photos
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Chevrolet Corvette C9 - renderingChevrolet Corvette C9 - renderingChevrolet Corvette C9 - renderingChevrolet Corvette C9 - renderingChevrolet Corvette C9 - renderingChevrolet Corvette C9 - renderingChevrolet Corvette C9 - rendering
Quoting undisclosed sources, GMAuthority reports that the all-new C9 Corvette is due during the 2028 calendar year, and will launch as a 2029 model. That means that we are still five good years away from seeing the next-gen all-American sports/super model, and a lot can happen until then. For one, they claim that two more versions are bound to be introduced, the twin-turbo ZR1 and the track-focused Zora, and with them, the bowtie brand will have five variants of the ‘Vette in total.

Now, back to the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette, it is expected to be underpinned by the same architecture as the current one, albeit with a few revisions. The Y2 will make it compatible with all sorts of powertrains, and purists will be happy to know that it will still feature internal combustion engines. That’s right, the C9 Corvette will continue to be offered with mills powered by dead dinosaurs, though it is unknown yet whether they will be electrified in any way. Nonetheless, we suspect that at least some versions will sport some kind of electrification, which will help keep the emissions in check, and will also improve fuel consumption.

Production is understood to still take place at the Bowling Green facility in Kentucky, where the C8 has been coming to life ever since 2020. Additional details surrounding it are unknown at this point, and as anyone can expect, everything should become clearer once the big unveiling date approaches. For now, all we can do is wait for the family to expand with the rumored ZR1 and Zora, and see which one is best suited for everyday driving, with the occasional fun at the local racetrack. And no matter how hot the latter may be, chances are the E-Ray will take on the role of the best ‘Vette to be used as a daily driver – or so we believe anyway.

On a final note, the quoted outlet states that the sedan and crossover Corvette-branded vehicles that are in the making will have nothing in common with the C9, and that’s because they will sit on GM’s BEV Prime platform, an architecture dedicated to electric vehicles, with a clear focus on luxury. Besides these cars, zero-emission models made by Cadillac, as well as an all-quiet premium crossover from Buick, are expected to be built on this construction.
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