A Cool New Feature Will Arrive in Tesla Cars With Upcoming 2023.4 Software Update

The software update rumored to be called 2023.4 will likely bring a handful of new features to the Tesla fleet, as we’ve found out earlier. After the automatic setting for the steering wheel heating, we’ve now learned that Tesla is planning a pulsating headlight feature for the Sentry Mode.
Tesla Sentry Mode will get a cool feature with the 2023.4 update 6 photos
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Tesla’s community eagerly awaits the release of the first software update of this year and, above all, the FSD Beta V11.3 promised for quite some time. It is not clear yet whether the two will be bundled together. Elon Musk confirmed that the FSD Beta V11.3 would roll out this week, possibly even during the Q4 2022 earnings call on January 25. This means there’s a high probability that the 2023.4 software version will come with the FSD update baked in, and that would be rather soon.

Tesla made a habit of releasing the first software update of the year toward the end of January. In fact, the 2022.4 update was released on January 25, 2022, just a day before the Q4 2021 earnings call. Back then, the update brought new features but no new FSD Beta release. This might change this year since both appear to be ready at the same time. And if Tesla wants to mention it in the Q&A session tomorrow, it must release the new software version today.

We’re not sure about that, but thanks to our friends at Not a Tesla App, we know what to expect when it comes. Previous information indicated that Tesla would bring an automatic setting for the heated steering wheel, a welcome improvement in the winter. Not only the heating system would get automatic operation, but the manual options would also be extended to include Low and High settings instead of just On and Off.

New information indicates that the update will also improve the Sentry Mode. To be sure, the Sentry Model was already tweaked several times during 2022, the last time with the 2022 Holiday Update. This update brought the ability to view the vehicle’s cabin camera directly from the app when the Sentry Model or Dog Mode is engaged. Tesla even offered the possibility of using the two modes simultaneously. Now, according to Not a Tesla App’s findings, the Sentry Mode would get a necessary improvement to make it less disturbing to people outside the car.

Currently, when Tesla Sentry Mode detects what might be “trespassers” approaching the car, it triggers the headlight to blast at full power. Starting with the next software update, Tesla would no longer blind passers-by with the headlights but use a pulsating light instead. This is still a warning message, but it’s less disturbing to people who just happen to be nearby. The pulsating headlights will also improve the image quality of the videos shot by the car’s cameras at night.


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