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This Is Chevy's 1004-HP Big Block Crate Motor, a Naturally Aspirated Beast

If you could not agree more with the "no replacement for displacement" motto, Chevrolet has made a crate motor that you will appreciate. We are referring to GM's latest crate motor offering, called ZZ632/1000. The “632” part refers to its cubic-inch displacement, which is 10.3 liters in metric, and the “1000” refers to its horsepower figure, although it is 1,004 to be entirely accurate.
Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engine 7 photos
Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engineChevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engineChevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engine dyno sheetChevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engineChevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engineChevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engine
Yes, you read that right, we are writing about a brand-new big-block engine from Chevrolet that is a naturally aspirated unit with a 10.3-liter displacement that provides 1.004 horsepower. It also comes with 876 lb.-ft (1.187 Nm) of torque, and all of that happens on pump gas (93 octane). Peak power comes in at 6600 rpm, while peak torque is delivered at 5600 rpm.

Chevrolet has even provided a dyno chart of the new motor, which reveals that it provides around 600 horsepower at 3000 rpm, while torque sits just above the 350 (474 Nm) lb.-ft mark at that same engine speed. The new unit can rev up to 7000 rpm and comes with port fuel injection.

Other important aspects of the new big block involve a forged steel crankshaft with four-bold main caps, forged aluminum pistons, forged steel connecting rods, and a CNC-machined aluminum intake manifold.

By the way, the ZZ632 comes with identical intake ports and identical exhaust ports, just like on the third-generation LS1 small-block that you may remember from the C5 Corvette. Those cylinder heads are called RS-X, after GM engineer Ron Sperry, who had a 50-year career within the company and was responsible for their design.

Now, this iron-block V8 is meant to be raced, and Chevy notes the same on its performance parts catalog: "parts indented for competition use only." We are aware of the possibility of people fitting this engine in road-going vehicles, but the responsibility of doing so rests on each individual's shoulders.

According to GM, the company’s engineers performed over 200 simulated drag races on a dyno without failure. While you might say that the real world brings different challenges, the runs simulated on the dyno have proved that the unit can provide those figures regularly.

The first units will go on sale in early 2022, and their price has not been specified. Considering that this is the most powerful naturally aspirated big block ever offered by Chevrolet, it will not come cheap. Its closest relative, the ZZ572/620, starts at $16,304, so expect its big brother to be more expensive.

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