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This Dusty Porsche 911 GT3 Hides a Terrifying Secret, Would You Still Buy It?

At first glance, the pictured Porsche 911 GT3 appears to be in dire need of a wash. However, the thick dust covering that pretty red body is the least of its problems.
Porsche 911 GT3 12 photos
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Can you tell what’s wrong with it just by looking at the images shared in the gallery above? Probably yes, as anyone who has been around cars their entire life will tell you that it has been flooded. After all, that dust, most of which is probably dried out mud, by the way, can be seen inside too.

It has made its way not only into the dashboard, center console, seats, carpeting, pillars, headliner, and basically, every other touchable part of this previous-generation sports car, but also into every crease. Thus, if its next owner wants to bring it back to life, then they are looking at many sleepless nights, combined with searching for components, and doing lots of research both on- and off-line.

Made in the second half of 2017, which makes it a 2018 model year, the 911 GT3 in question obviously doesn’t start and drive, in case you had any doubt about it. The mileage is unknown, as the odometer is inoperable, and the engine has probably been catfished, though we reckon that with a big pile of Benjamins, combined with elbow grease, it can be resurrected. The same can be said about the entire car, if it ends up changing hands for a decent sum.

Located in Englishtown, New Jersey, this once-fine Porsche is being advertised for an upcoming auction by iaai. The vendor believes it will cost you around $165,000 to bring it back to its initial shine, revealing the estimated selling price of a top-notch copy of the 911 (991) GT3, which is almost $200,000. It doesn’t exactly sound like a bargain, does it?

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