Driver Attempts to Cross River, Mother Nature Provides a Physics Lesson

Audi A3 gets driven into a river, physics happens 7 photos
Photo: Screenshot from Reddit video posted by zeg685
Audi A3 gets driven into a river, physics happensAudi A3 gets driven into a river, physics happensAudi A3 gets driven into a river, physics happensAudi A3 gets driven into a river, physics happensAudi A3 gets driven into a river, physics happensExceptionally crafted improvised bridge
Occasionally, someone does something incredibly dangerous, and footage of it gets posted on the Internet. In happy cases, such as this one, nobody dies or gets injured. That means we can just watch the video below and be amused by what is going on.
Before we get into the laughable part for the rest of us, let us go through the facts. As you can observe, there is an Audi A3 Sportback that has stopped on the bank of a river that is flowing like mad. The vehicle came along a dirt road that continued to the other side, and there is even an improvised bridge for pedestrians next to it.

The improvised bridge is too narrow and too flimsy for vehicles, but a pedestrian manages to cross it like it is nobody's business. With someone who appears to be a former passenger of the said Audi A3 filming the whole thing, the driver decides to go for it and attempt to cross the river.

Despite the driver's invitation, the person filming the whole feat refuses to climb back into the vehicle and prefers to wait until it crosses the river.

The person holding the camera motivates their choice, as they prefer to watch if the car manages to get on the other side of the river first. This is the part where the driver (just an “r” away from “diver,” mind you) raises the passenger's side window and starts driving through the muddy water.

Once all four wheels are away from dry land, the hatchback's nose gets moved by the force of the river. From what we can gather, the watercourse in question is called “Teleajen,” and it is a tributary to a larger river, called “Prahova,” which is also the name of the county where this video was filmed, and it is also the county where the vehicle was registered in.

In other words, while the driver was a local or presumably resides in the same county where the footage was filmed, he was unaware of how strong the 72-mile-long (ca. 122 km) river can be.

Never attempt to ford a river or stream without scouting it, checking its flow, analyzing its depth, and without having any knowledge of what you are doing.

Now, you might say that good judgment comes from experience, and, unfortunately, experience usually comes from bad judgment. Fortunately for everyone else watching this video, you can use someone else's bad judgment to gain experience and know what not to do in a situation like this.

If you ever find yourself driving on a road that enters a river, do not try to cross it if it is flowing at speed, especially if you are not aware of its depth.
The best idea at that point is to just turn around and find another way instead of risking your life, not to mention property damage.

A small village has lost its improvised bridge because of this person's actions, but at least nobody was injured, which does make this amusing in a way.

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