This Adorable Tiny Is a Modern Indoor-Outdoor Sanctuary

At first glance, this six-meter-long (19.6 feet) tiny house seems almost like a miniature home, but you'd be surprised to discover how spacious it really is. Best of all, it's wonderfully luminous and bright thanks to the strategic glazing throughout.
The Mobi 06 Petunia is a wonderful tiny with lots of windows and large French doors 19 photos
Photo: Mobi House
Mobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 PetuniaMobi 06 Petunia
The Mobi 06 platform is one of the most popular and successful models created by Mobi House, one of the top tiny house builders in Europe. It's a flawless mix of simplicity and versatility, which is why so many versions of it continue to delight customers with fresh features and clever solutions. The Petunia is one of the most luminous homes on wheels ever built – it truly welcomes the outdoors in and blurs the lines between the interior and the natural surroundings.

Petunia catches the eye instantly with its vivid green exterior, highlighted by the bright-white window frames. It looks like a fairytale home that belongs in a magical setup, like a forest. Still, once inside, you'll discover that it's as functional and comfortable as any contemporary abode for urban home dwellers.

Petunia's interior is not as colorful as its exterior. It follows a classic Scandinavian-style color scheme in neutral shades and a minimalistic approach. The white shiplap walls, including in the loft bedroom, create the restful ambiance of a traditional farmhouse or even an old-school beach house. The main floor houses a spacious kitchen, a lounge area, and a separate bathroom. If you look carefully, you'll also notice that a dining corner can be set up in just a few minutes and then tucked away as if by magic.

Mobi 06 Petunia
Photo: Mobi House
As for accommodation, the Petunia is officially a one-bedroom house that can comfortably sleep two people. Additionally, the custom sofa downstairs can also provide extra accommodation on occasion. Ideally, this medium-sized house on wheels is best suited for one or two people.

This simple tiny doesn't boast an unusual or particularly ingenious layout. But there is something that sets it apart from similar designs, and that's the extensive use of glass. First, the lounge area is practically surrounded by wide glass doors that create the illusion of a bigger space, also flooding the entire space with natural light.

When the weather is right, these doors can stay open, which helps turn the lounge into a contemporary-style indoor-outdoor sanctuary. It's a great setup for entertaining guests and spending more time outside, in nature.

This clever lounge can also easily be converted into a dining room. There's a basic folding table sitting on the side wall, while the folding chairs are neatly stored above the kitchen furniture. It's nothing fancy, but enough to create a comfortable and practical dining corner in just a few minutes. When not in use, all of this is neatly tucked away so that it doesn't take up any space or disturb circulation around the house.

Mobi 06 Petunia
Photo: Mobi House
The kitchen also gets plenty of light. The traditional-style white furniture with natural wood accents incorporates all the basic appliances, including a tiny fridge. An overhead wooden shelf with cupboards and open drawers adds storage by cleverly using every inch of space. Facing the kitchen is the typical staircase with integrated storage, one of the most common features found in loft-bedroom tiny homes.

It leads to Petunia's beautiful bedroom, which is another pleasant surprise in terms of brightness and spaciousness. Instead of a single tiny window, this space boasts two large windows on each side, creating wonderful views. Loft bedrooms can often feel claustrophobic, which is why multiple windows can really make a huge difference. The room feels bigger, gets plenty of fresh air, and also creates a much-needed connection to the outdoors. Plus, the beautiful flooring and white shiplap walls add a premium touch to this remarkably comfy bedroom.

Privacy is another important issue when it comes to small spaces. Petunia's bedroom is protected by a solid wall that creates enough separation to turn it into a cozy cocoon for sleep and relaxation. And, since tiny houses are always about space-saving solutions, it also doubles as a large closet or bookcase with generous storage. All of this makes Petunia's bedroom one of the best loft designs for a house this size.

Mobi 06 Petunia
Photo: Mobi House
Going back downstairs, the very end of the house is dedicated to the bathroom area, discretely separated by a barn door that doubles as a stylish color accent. Inside, the black-and-white tile with a Spanish pattern adds another splash of color. There's only enough space for the basic appliances and furniture, including a shower cabin and a compact vanity, but this bathroom looks just as stylish as the rest of the house.

A rustic-style fireplace is the finishing touch that adds even more charm to Petunia's indoor/outdoor lounge. It creates a beautiful blend of rustic and contemporary features and helps turn this house into a real home. Those who love sunshine and being out in nature as much as possible will surely fall in love with this tiny home's seamless connection to the outside world.
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