This 2005 GMC Canyon Is the Cheapest Used Car for Sale on eBay

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Photo: eBay | FAST by Accelerate Auto Group FAST by Accelerate Auto Group
2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon2005 GMC Canyon
Our dedicated 'used car' category is filled with all kinds of rides from different eras, starting with the early days of motoring and ending with the freshest machines. Most vehicles listed for grabs tend to cost the proverbial arm and leg. Others would require a kidney and a liver, and a select few are even pricier to the point where we mere mortals would never dare to dream of them.
However, since not everyone can afford an ultra-fun ride that costs as much as a nice home in most parts of the Western world, we started a series called 'The cheapest used car for sale on eBay.' So far, it comprises some very affordable machines, most of which need some TLC. Some could easily get you to and fro, whereas others would probably require some elbow grease on the go.

You see, not everyone is into so-called urban mobility and using all kinds of electric scooters, bicycles, and whatnot. Since the gasoline virus unites us all, daily public transportation is out of the question. But every car enthusiast needs a daily, and since some are struggling with all kinds of expenses, a bargain machine is always welcomed.

As it happens, we came across what was, at the time of writing, the cheapest used car for sale on eBay, and it looks rather clean for something that bears this title. Nonetheless, the devil is always in the details, so keep on reading to find out whether this GMC Canyon is a good deal for you or if you should keep searching the used car market for a different ride.

2005 GMC Canyon
Photo: eBay | FAST by Accelerate Auto Group FAST by Accelerate Auto Group
This truck was born in 2005, and contrary to what some may think, it has a clean title. Therefore, it is ready to hit the road again in the possession of its future owner, who only needs to put some gasoline in the tank before driving it home—presumably. It is a crew cab machine finished in silver that rides on tiny wheels compared to modern-day vehicles, which are wrapped in meaty tires.

The vendor says the interior color is tan, yet they were probably in a hurry when they posted the ad. The cockpit is clearly black, with cloth upholstery wrapped around the seats, armrests, and other components. This pickup has some basic functions that were required for cars born nearly two decades ago, so it won't baffle you with various screens, a high-end stereo, a head-up display, multi-zone climate control, ambient lighting, ventilated and massaging seats, and so on.

But then again, neither will the modern pickup proposal, save for a few exceptions, and those tend to be very expensive, which is why you are still reading these lines, hoping to find out how much this GMC Canyon costs. However, we will reveal the asking price in just a few moments. First, we have to tell you about the motor, which is a 3.5-liter unit that is hooked up to an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

According to the listing, some of the truck's highlights include air conditioning, cruise control, power steering, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an MP3 player, rear privacy windows, some chrome appointments here and there, aluminum wheels, ABS, and that's about everything. Still, while it may not seem much compared to a modern workhorse, it is plenty for daily commuting.

2005 GMC Canyon
Photo: eBay | FAST by Accelerate Auto Group FAST by Accelerate Auto Group
This 2005 GMC Canyon is located in Rowlett, Texas, with 181,602 miles (292,260 km) under its belt. As a result, you should check it out in person before signing your name on the dotted line, assuming you're in the area and interested in it. But how much is it? Well, it costs a lot of money for something deemed 'the cheapest used car on eBay,' as it will set you back a cool $6,491. The vehicle is in stock, and the vendor demands an immediate payment of $500.

We kid you not, this was the cheapest machine looking for a new home on eBay at the time of writing, and if you must know, it costs a fraction of a brand-new 2024 GMC Canyon. For the Elevation trim level, with four-wheel drive, interested parties must pay a minimum of $40,895. That's before factoring in the destination charge, options, and dealer fees. Should you choose the two-wheel drive variant, then the MSRP will drop to $37,595.

Other trim levels include the AT4, AT4X, and Denali, and these start at $44,595, $55,895, and $52,595, respectively, again before destination and dealer fees. So, if you were shopping for a used workhorse in decent condition on a sub-$10,000 budget, would this 2005 GMC Canyon get your money? There are plenty of fish in the sea, and we don't know about you, but we'd try to land a V8-powered one. After all, these rides are part of a dying breed, and it's only a matter of time until the last one rolls off the assembly line.
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