This 1995 168 Boss Speedboat May Be the Closest Porsche Wannabe Ever: Sold for Just $39K

Custom 1995 Craig Craft 168 Boss "Porsche Boat" 20 photos
Photo: SCBASalesco / Bring a Trailer
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People building all sorts of contraptions is nothing new. However, this next one may be for you if you're a Porsche fan. After all, how often do you see a boat that looks like a Porsche from back in the 90s!?
Folks, it's not often that I write about cars, but considering that this creation is not really a car, I figured I couldn't pass up the opportunity of exploring more of this abomination. However, I need to remind you that what we're exploring today was recently put up for auction on Bring a Trailer and sold for a cool $39,000 (€38,958 at current exchange rates). Let's look at what we all missed as it's gone.

I want you to imagine that you're a diehard Porsche fan. Maybe you don't need to imagine it; you are. If that's the case, let's see what a day on the lake may be like for you. It's Saturday morning, and you and your buddies arrive at a local lake with your favorite boats. Considering they've been in transit, covers hide what the eyes will soon behold. One by one, folks show off their machines, and then it's your turn.

You give everyone a whistle to ensure that you have their attention, and with a quick brisk pull, you unveil this 1995 Craig Craft 168 Boss boat with Porsche cues tattered all over it. Some folks laugh, while others stare in amazement. Whatever the reaction, everyone seems to be moving closer to take a good look at this abomination.

Custom 1995 Craig Craft 168 Boss "Porsche Boat"
Photo: SCBASalesco / Bring a Trailer
As I dove deeper into this design and tried to understand how and why anyone would do something like this, I discovered countless others who have explored the same design using a 168 Boss. Why? Because of how the craft is shaped, it comes across as the perfect base for such dreams.

So, what exactly are we looking at? Well, this 168 Boss is a 16-foot (4.9-meter) speedboat powered by a GM 4.3-liter V6 engine that was shoved into this fiberglass hull in 2021. It's also working together with a Berkeley Jet Drive. Then there's that yellow and black coat. While it may not be the Porsche-issued yellow, it's pretty dang close.

All that describes just the lower half of this vessel, and once you step into the cockpit, you'll start to grasp all that is a Porsche. Well, sort of. Now, dropping a Porsche body onto a boat's hull is no easy task. Luckily, the 168's natural lines offer a solid base on which one can express such an idea. And so, all we're left with are small but essential cues expressing some kooky human's idea of luxury boating.

Photo: SCBASalesco / Bring a Trailer
While sitting in the cockpit, you'll notice that there's more room than you'd typically find in any 1990s Porsche, and that's because this is a boat, people. However, you'll be enveloped in an interior that matches the outside of the boat, includes bucket seats for all passengers on board, and the side mirrors sit at the base of a glass windshield. Go ahead, take a seat. It's at this stage that you'll be able to lay your hands on a three-spoke steering wheel, fiddle around with a Boss stereo system that blasts your favorite tunes out of Kenwood speakers, and keep an eye on speed, oil pressure, and other essentials via that beautiful round-dial dashboard.

The outside of this creation isn't lacking in features either. While navigational and underwater lighting exists, it's the Bosch headlights that bring that look and feel of a classic Porsche. The taillights are also part of what gives this bugger its looks. Honestly, even if the iconic emblem wasn't stuck to the hood of this vessel, we can still understand precisely what the creator wanted to express.

At the end of the day, I need to remind you that we missed out on this one, but, considering that the 168 Boss boasts those Porsche-like shapes and lines, I bet another one will swim across your screen at some point in the future.
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