These Are the Top 5 Black Friday Deals on E-Bikes We've Tested: Now's the Time To Get One!

After waiting around for an entire year, Black Friday is here! Well, if you've been looking to get your hands on an e-bike, pay attention because I'm about to share with you the best deals on the machines we've tested over the course of this last year, and oh man, what a year it's been!
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Folks, Black Friday is here, and in this spirit, I've decided to check in with some of the manufacturers we've covered this year and even the gear we've tested to see what sort of deals we can get our hands on and, oh, what deals!

The Perfect Balance

First on our list is a Chinese manufacturer and e-bike that I personally fell in love with and called upon for over a year of riding, Vanpowers and their City Vanture e-bike. If you missed the review on this bike, all I have to say is that it offers one of the best cycling experiences of any Chinese machine I've tested.

For $1,600 (€1,450 at current exchange rates), Vanpowers offered us a city slicker e-bike with an integrated battery, rear-hub motor with 250 or 350 W, and a Gates carbon belt drivetrain. Trust me, it was worth every penny at that price. Wait a minute, this is Black Friday!

Vanpowers City Vanture
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With this financial holiday in full swing, Vapowers is showing world price drops of up to $1,000 on their machines, including a final price of just $860 (€790) for the City Vanture with a promo code. That's a steal and the reason why this machine is first on our list of notable EVs.

The Compact Solution

Up next, Fiido is the crew whose work we've tested and loved along the way. This crew wiggled its way into our hearts with nothing more than their Fiido X, "The very elegant and zappy city e-bike," which autoevolution's Elena Gorgan tested.

This puppy stands apart from other two-wheeling EVs on the market with its folding and compact frame, decent power level, and notable range. Oh, ease of use is also a major plus for this bike, and as Fiido says it, the X is "Ready to Ride with a No-brainer Setup."

Fiido X
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As for the Black Friday deal in place right now, Fiido is selling their X for no more than $1,300 (€1,200), reduced from $1,800 (€1,650). That's $500 worth of saving, and if that's not worth considering, I don't know what is.

The Looker

Also on our list of EVs to consider grabbing while Black Friday is happening is Engwe's M20, the speedy scrambler-style e-bike that was already selling for one heck of a low price, considering what it offers.

We tested this machine earlier this year, and the reason I've chosen to entitle it "The Looker" is because everywhere I rode this thing, most people turned their heads and followed me along for part of my journey. Take a nice long look at it, and you can understand what I mean.

But looks weren't the only thing we loved about this bike; it also offered a rather speedy and comfortable ride, made possible by a 750 W motor and a full-suspension setup, which, as rudimentary as it may be, does the job just fine.

Engwe M20
Photo: autoevolution
Here, Engwe was selling the single-battery version for $1,200 (€1,100), but, in the spirit of Black Friday, this version is available for no more than $900 (€825), a price reduction of $300. If you like attention, this is the one for you.

The Speed Demon

This next one is a beast in every sense of the word. From speed to a solid construction that feels a tad like riding a motorcycle, Himiway's Zebra surprised me and other riders with its knack for speed and dynamics while in motion.

If you caught the article we did on the Zebra, you know that this thing is fast. Heck, after tampering with its speed settings, I was able to hit speeds upwards of 34 mph (54 kph), more than any of the other machines we've tested, but mainly because those didn't allow for the same level of customization that the Zebra offers.

Himiway Zebra
Photo: autoevolution
Now, for the most important bit. Himiway was selling the Zebra for $2,000 (€1,830), but in the spirit of this yearly event, they've reduced the price down to a solid $1,600 (€1,460). Again, it's a tantalizing offer that you should consider, but promise you'll wear a helmet every time you ride this beast.

The Chillest of the Chill

Last but not least, again, Vanpowers is the crew with what could be the most comfortable and smooth e-cruiser bicycle I've ever ridden, and I've straddled a few. It's the Urban Glide Ultra's turn, a mid-mounted motor machine with a safe and comfortable step-through frame and quite possibly the best range of anything I've ever tested.

Vanpowers Urban Glide
Photo: autoevolution
I've yet to write up what this bike has been like, but I can safely say that it needs to be on your list of considerations, especially during Black Friday. Vanpowers is selling off the Urban Glide Standard for no more than $1,000 (€916). Drop a few more and grab the Ultra; you won't be sorry you did.

The Final Word

Clearly, these aren't the only teams and notable e-bikes that you can get your hands on right now. Heck, just about every bicycle manufacturer out there is currently dropping prices on their machines. This includes top-shelf crews such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, and countless others, and these little-known guys with rather notable solutions.

But these are the ones we've tested and loved for the reasons stated above, and all we're doing is getting the word out as to what's going on in the world and the deals you can get your hands on. Ride safe out there.
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