The Self-Sufficient Mimosa Is Both a Cozy Home and an Office on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels are the answer to what contemporary folks need in terms of housing and their specific lifestyle. Freedom is the keyword related to all aspects of daily life, from the ability to move to different locations without hassle to the possibility of working comfortably from home. The Spanish Mimosa is all about maximum freedom without sacrificing comfort.
Mimosa is a self-sufficient tiny with a beautiful deck and pergola 13 photos
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Mimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny HouseMimosa Tiny House
At first glance, Mimosa looks like a nostalgic wooden cabin that belongs in a fairytale-like setting. It's almost hard to believe that, behind the rustic appearance, this home is as modern and efficient as it gets. Mimosa was specifically built to be not just a welcoming home but also a functional office on wheels. It's also entirely self-sufficient, allowing its owner to be able to work anywhere, anytime, literally, without having to give up any of the standard amenities of regular homes.

The Serena.House team built this house on wheels for a woman named Janire, who had a very specific request. She wanted to be able to work from home and also dedicate more time to her passion for sewing. In other words, Mimosa had to integrate a comfortable office that could double as a workspace or workshop.

Although only six meters long (19.6 feet), this tiny managed to integrate what its owner needed alongside a perfectly equipped kitchen, a full bathroom, and a loft bedroom. Mimosa is a THOW in the true sense of the word, meaning that it can legally ride on all roads across Europe. It was carefully designed to comply with legal regulations.

Mimosa Tiny House
Photo: Serena.House
Freedom wouldn't be complete without autonomy, which is why Mimosa was also equipped to function independently without having to connect to any standard networks. It comes with a complete solar system, an eco-friendly toilet, a phyto-filtration system, and a large-capacity drinking water tank.

The essence of tiny living is a deeper connection to the outdoors. The idea is to spend less time inside and to be able to settle down (even temporarily) in various natural settings. Mimosa encourages this connection in two ways. First, it boasts numerous windows strategically placed in areas where natural light and beautiful views are most welcome. This creates the illusion of actually being outside yet still protected from the elements.

Second, it comes with a beautiful exterior deck with a pergola. This deck is meant to become the space where guests can enjoy meals and spend time together. The lack of a standard dining spot shouldn't be seen as a flaw. It's an invitation to spend more time outside. Thanks to the pergola, the deck can be enjoyed year-round, and it's spacious enough for multiple guests.

Due to the specific request of its owner, Mimosa doesn't have a classic lounge room. That part of the house is dedicated to the ingenious office/workshop, built along the entire width of the house. It's surrounded by windows and glass doors for maximum natural light. The handcrafted desk also includes multiple drawers for storage.

Mimosa Tiny House
Photo: Serena.House
Mimosa is also big on storage. The compact loft space right above the office is perfect for safely keeping larger items. The kitchen is fitted with multiple different-sized cabinets on each side, including an impressive pantry with a separate compartment for a full-size washing machine.

Like all the homes built by this Spanish brand, Mimosa stands out due to its harmonious mix of expert woodwork (in the form of custom-made furniture) and premium appliances, including a two-burner cooktop and a fridge. In addition to being self-sufficient, this tiny was built with sustainability in mind. It features breathable walls eco-friendly insulation, and was painted with ecological paint.

Perhaps the only drawback is Mimosa's bedroom. Out of all its spaces, this one got the least attention. It's a standard tiny house loft bedroom with just enough space for a queen-sized mattress and nothing else. You can't stand up or walk around the bed.

Plus, it's accessed via a basic ladder, which is hardly the most convenient or safest option. It only has one window, which means there's no proper cross-ventilation. Still, Mimosa raises the bar when it comes to other living aspects so that the loft bedroom can be accepted as the only compromise.

Mimosa Tiny House
Photo: Serena.House
Most importantly, this tiny home/office on wheels comes from a reputable builder. In less than ten years, Serena.House wrote history by building the first self-sufficient tiny homes on wheels in both Spain and France. They could easily be considered autonomy experts, and their craftsmanship is flawless.

The company offers four main formats that can be heavily customized. Mimosa is based on the Penates, one of the brand's most popular platforms designed for family comfort. Pricing varies considerably due to customization. For a home like Mimosa, it starts at €55,000 ($59,000) and can go as high as €75,000 ($80,500) – not bad for a self-sufficient, fully-equipped modern tiny home doubling as a beautiful mobile workspace.
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