This Martian Fan-Made 'Lego Ideas' Build Is a Space Nerd's Dream

The Martian fan-made Lego Ideas 10 photos
Photo: Lego Ideas / siuliano
The Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego IdeasThe Martian fan-made Lego Ideas
Most of the movies that I enjoy watching must have superheroes, be animated, or at least be space-related. One movie that I remember enjoying is The Martian, and not because of Matt Damon.
There are many space-related movies. But The Martian is perhaps the best that I have ever watched. Surviving while being so far away from home without oxygen or food, and still coming back to Earth in one piece is perhaps what made this movie legendary.

While scrolling through the fan-made Lego Ideas builds, I found this gem. A Lego set that includes all the machines used by Mark Watney in order to survive for 549 sols (564 Earth days) on Mars. The set also includes a Mark Watney minifigure with his astronaut suit.

This set is made of four different builds. The Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV), Mars Rover 2, the Pathfinder, and the Hab.

Let's start with the MAV, which was called Ares IV in the movie. Mark found this vehicle at the Schiaparelli Crater and used it to meet with the other crew members in order to escape the “lovely” atmosphere of Mars. The Command Module can be easily taken apart from the rest of the vehicle and it even has a cockpit for the minifigure.

The Mars Rover 2 was used by Mark to get oxygen, water, and food. He also used this rover for a 3,200 km journey to get to the Schiaparelli Crater. The Lego model has a crane used for carrying the Pathfinder that was dug up.

The rover is fully playable and the minifigure fits in the cockpit that opens vertically. The side and rear panels also open for a better view of the inside.

Out of all the machines that were used for this movie, the Pathfinder is my favorite. Why is that? Because this little machine helps Mark communicate with the people from NASA all the way to Earth. Without it, he would've never made it back home.

The Artificial Habitat is where Mark spends most of his Mars days, 461 sols (473 days), to be exact. Here he grows his potatoes, finds a way to automatically water them and goes to sleep at night. The Lego HAB comes with a few plants and dirt to replicate the movie scenes.

It comes with Commander Lewis’ Laptop, which he used to record himself and listen to 80’s music, a potato bin, and a calendar.

This Lego Ideas build was uploaded on February 1, 2023, by the user siuliano and it already gathered almost 600 supporters. However, the set needs to gather 10,000 supporters, and then if it manages to pass the Lego expert review, we will see it becoming a real set. The user did not share any information about how many pieces were used for the entire build.
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