The Current Challenger for World's Lightest Bike Title Isn’t Even for Adults

If you’ve got a child, two, three, or more, then these past months have been... Well, ya’ll folks deserve a medal or something like that. I don’t know, I don’t have kids yet. But if you do, pay a little attention as this next one might save your winter and possibly even summer.
Hotwalk Carbon 10 photos
Hotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk CarbonHotwalk Carbon
Now, whether or not you have children, you are well aware of the energy these little munchkins can display. So sometimes the only thing that seems like a remedy is take them outside and have them try catching a butterfly or something.

Or, you could just give the team at Specialized a call and keep your kids busy with the newest toy to hit the streets. But wait, doesn’t Specialized make bicycles? Yup, they sure do. And this is no exception. What we see is known as the Hotwalk Carbon, the freshly released balance bike.

Normally, I wouldn’t be presenting you with something with no pedals, not from Specialized anyway. But you’ll thank them for what they’ve done.

Hotwalk Carbon
Now why the heck should we care about a bike made for mini mud-fighters? Because even though you’ll be spending $1,000 on this so-called bike, what your children will be receiving is truly the best treatment around.

Building on generation after generation of bicycle design, the team has put together more than just your child's first bike. It’s a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that is designed for comfort, even though we sometimes might want our little delinquent to feel a pinch or two.

The element that sets this frame apart from all others you might find at Wal-Mart is that it’s completely made of Fact 9 carbon. It’s the same stuff the crew uses on their most trailblazing, backflipping, and enduring MTB frames. Fully equipped, the entire bike comes in at just 4.63 pounds (2.1 kg), and it is designed to last a lifetime.

Hotwalk Carbon
What else is carbon fiber? Oh yeah, the wheels. Here we find Rhythm Lite tires all set on a set of carbon fiber wheels. Sure, it may not be much for us adults, but when you barely have the leg power to run fast, every bit of weight reduction counts.

The other component that has received some attention are the handlebars. Unlike other balance bikes out there, Specialized has thinned down the handlebars so that little hands can get a better grip.

What we can all be thankful for, however, is that this pocket bike has no extra gears, pedals, brake lines, or even shifters. Which is all nice if you ask me. Imagine having to run after one of these little explorers once they’ve figured out how to change gears. You’ve seen the news, happens all the time down in Florida.

All that being said, it seems that this bike has everything in place to be not just your own child's first bike, but your grandkids', and great-grandkids'. Or it can last until...what’s the decomposition rate of carbon fiber again? We’ll leave that discussion for another time. Now go! Keep your kids busy with themselves.


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