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Tesla's Self-Sustaining Party Yacht - Musk Offered No Input on the Design
Of course it’s too good to be true. But that doesn’t keep some of us from dreaming. One of those dreamers came up with this almost squid-like yacht branded Tesla.

Tesla's Self-Sustaining Party Yacht - Musk Offered No Input on the Design

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This beauty of a dream is called the Tesla Model Y. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the Y comes from the word ‘yacht,’ because that’s what this is. But being a yacht that bears the Tesla sigil and name, we can expect a few tricks unlike any other seen before.

This creation is a product from the mind of Dhruv Prasad, a designer out of Bangalore, India, and is shown off as being a fully self-sustaining vessel. But it also has to bring comfort and elegance worthy of a yacht. Who knows, maybe Musk has a look on our site and sees this design, and before long we see it in the news reels.

When we first see the yacht, we are given the impression that we are looking at a giant squid. The 131 ft. (40m) hull is sharp and narrow at the tip and then drags the rear flat and wide. It’s not very different from other yacht designs we’ve seen, but the superstructure atop the yacht encapsulates most of the top deck in order to create a massive interior space. That interior space is illuminated through all those holes that pierce through the superstructure. This ingenious use of natural light does have a drawback, no further decks can be created above.

This interior space, however, is massive. For a yacht of this size, it offers a large open space that includes a bar, lounge pads and beds, and plenty of room for any sort of activities you may want to set up. Don’t think of this yacht as on that you can spend much time on, it’s rather a ready-when-you-are party boat.

The only other deck that exists on this Tesla is the lower deck. Once again, it includes large open spaces that are more for mingling with guests or setting up some sort of private party. We don’t see any sort of sleeping quarters of any kind. Instead we find a bar, further supporting the party-boat idea.

The only sort of area for relaxation aside from lounging and dining areas, is a glass room with two raised beds, most probably a spa. At the rear and outside this space is a private pool with two lounge chairs. Perfect for private moments. But if weather gets too rough, this area too can be closed off from the outside.

One of the crazy ideas we find aboard this vessel is modular furniture. What do we mean by this? Well, let's take the black bench from the upper deck into account. These two L-shaped benches can lower and raise to accommodate guests of varying sizes. The bar stools look as if they function the same. The lower deck too includes those tables that look as if they have no seats. If we were to assume this, we would be wrong. That button in the center of the tables can be rotated to bring out four chairs from underneath.

Now, we did mention that this yacht is self-sustaining. And it is through the use of a solar panel atop the superstructure. But this is more to keep some electrical systems running, not propulsion. At the center of the yacht we can see a red device with the Tesla sigil. This is the yachts turbine. It works by taking incoming waves and transforming their energy into electricity that charges a battery system. This battery system then returns that electricity and powers the turbine. That’s the theory anyway.

Who’s down to own a squid-looking yacht with tech we might never see?


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