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Devonport Onexisty Is the Superyacht of Tomorrow, Comes With Drive-in Garage
Meet the Devonport Onesixty, a concept superyacht developd by Emocean Yacht Design and Devonport Yachts Ltd for the Devonport portfolio.

Devonport Onexisty Is the Superyacht of Tomorrow, Comes With Drive-in Garage

Devonport OnesixtyDevonport OnesixtyDevonport OnesixtyDevonport Onesixty
It’s called the Onesixty because it’s 160 meters long, roughly 180 yards, enough room to even include a tennis court of a running track on the lower deck in the design brief.

Berkley March, a superyacht designer and business partner Stefan Vennekens formed Emocean in 2007 and shot toward the Boat International Superyacht Design Award. "My aim is for Emocean to win the Boat International Superyacht Design Award, but not just for a conceptual design this time, but for an actual yacht once it has been designed, built and delivered.” comments Berkley.

Emocean’s endeavor grabbed the attention of Devonport Yachts Managing Director Stephen hills and the concept was underway. This “technically achievable vessel,” according to Hills, comes equipped with everything you need to port-hop.

Design for the Onesixty includes a 360-degree observation deck that offers you a full view of what’s to come or where you’ve been.

Vehicle drive-in garage allows for you and your guests to travel with your own ride. It’s the perfect way to showcase your personal garage, and not just locally, so bring your best.

In case that’s full, the Devonport Onesixty also comes with a helipad and hangar to allow for any unexpected arrivals and departures. Or just because you want to see it all from up there.

This stunningly beautiful beast comes with two 65-foot day boats just in case the port you’d like to visit is too small for the Onesixty, which might definitely be an issue. 

Being a superyacht, you can definitely expect some unusual perks. One of which is an underwater observation deck that allows for a viewing of life under the sea. And if you’d like to get closer, a minisub and dedicated diving chamber are there to do just that.

Seeing as how this puppy can house up to 100 guests and a crew of 25, a number of living space options offer the luxury needed for all to enjoy the journey. Ten duplex cabins, five VIP rooms, and seventeen duplex VIP rooms are there to offer your guests the maximum luxury while traveling.

The owner that gets this party-boat rolling has the advantage of a suite and their very own dedicated deck. No need to mention the nightclub with private areas and indoor pool.

Now, all of this can be modified to the owner’s requests. For such a project to be just what the doctor ordered, Devonport will work closely with the client to make sure that all guests are taken care of exactly as wished.

Hills states that “Emocean's designs are technically achievable so we will consider the functionality required, for example how big the engine room has to be in order to accommodate the machinery, which will achieve the cruising and maximum speed the owner requires, or how many guests the client wishes to entertain; where the exits and fire escapes are and creating enough space for the crew required to run the yacht, by doing so we manage to stay true to the design as it was intended. We are also keen to incorporate as much relevant new technology as possible into our designs so that they are both technically and aesthetically innovative." 

Even though it is a concept that can be put into fruition, you won’t see any yet on the waters as no taker has been inspired by this beautiful vessel. The planet's reserve of multi-billionaires is continuously increasing, though. 


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