Tesla Plaid Looking for 9-Sec Cars Meets Turbo'd Ford Mustang GT, Could Be Anyone's Game

Tesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GT 7 photos
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | Tesla Plaid Channel
Tesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GTTesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GTTesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GTTesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GTTesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GTTesla Model S Plaid vs. Turbocharged Ford Mustang GT
All eyes may be on the new Demon these days, which is capable, on paper anyway, of putting the Tesla Model S Plaid in its corner in a straight-line battle. However, the electric vehicle is immensely powerful, and it has proved its worth literally countless times against all sorts of fast rides, in more or less legal drag races.
We cannot wait to see the two go against each other down the quarter mile multiple times, and we’d love to see the new Demon take on some even more expensive cars, perhaps from the hyper realm. But until that happens, we’re left checking out what the Tesla Model S Plaid can do every now and then, on the condition that it finds some worthy opponents.

On one particular day, on March 23, at the Bradenton Motorsports Park, in Florida, the ultra-fast EV owned by the guy behind the Tesla Plaid Channel on YouTube met an (apparently) equally powerful car. If you paid attention to the title, then you know that it was a Ford Mustang. And not your run-of-the-mill one either, because it may not have been in the Shelby GT500 configuration, but it had much more power on tap.

The exact number is obviously unknown because no true (amateur) drag racer would ever spill the beans on some of the magic numbers put out by their car. Though it appears to be up there with the Tesla Model S Plaid, whose owner was looking for a ride that runs 9s or high-8s on that evening for some pure unaltered fun. Thus, the turbocharged Mustang, because its V8 is aided by some forced induction trickery, and the Plaid lined up at the start line, waiting for the lights to turn green.

When they did, the Tesla owner let his opponent take off first, based on a prior agreement, and then stepped off the brake. Towards the end of the run, it was literally anyone’s game, as the two vehicles were neck and neck. But since there can only be one winner, even if it is by a mere tenth of a second, the hypothetical gold medal went to… actually, we won’t spoil the video for you, which is one mouse-click away.

Don’t go scrolling down just yet, as we have to tell you that roughly half a second separated them. The winner completed the standing quarter mile in 9.27 seconds, at 148.8 mph (239.6 kph). As for its rival, it did it in 9.82 seconds, with an exit speed of 144.8 mph (233 kph). This would be a good time to place a little bet, and then head on down to see which of the two was faster on that evening. So, were you right?

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