Tesla Model X Is the Real Swim Shady, Goes Dipping Into the Sea Causing the Water to Boil

Teslas have proved that they can drive underwater for short periods of time, without sustaining irreversible damage. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re submarines in disguise, and that’s something that a Model X has learned the hard way after falling into the sea.
Tesla Model X 7 photos
Tesla Model XTesla Model XTesla Model XTesla Model XTesla Model XTesla Model X
Truth be told, it actually went for an impromptu swim at a marina, presumably in Spain, judging by the license plate, and it wasn’t retrieved until many hours later.

But why did the owner wait that long in order to put it back on tarmac? Well, it appears that not long after it jumped in, the water started to boil, due to what might have been an unwanted chemical reaction. Thus, we might be looking at lithium being spilled into the sea, which is what could have led to the bubbles captured on camera and shared on Boat Fails (Facebook).

The boiling reaction apparently lasted for a few hours, which is why divers couldn’t get in the water to help retrieve it. However, the bubbles eventually stopped hitting the surface, and when it was finally considered safe, the electric crossover was lifted back up. Photos of the aftermath were shared by the same Facebook group as well, and you can check them out in our image gallery. Also, you can watch the water boil, presumably above this white Tesla Model X, at the end of this story.

As for the underwater driving reference that we made at the beginning of this article, you might remember that one owner thought it would be interesting to turn his Model S Plaid into a submarine out of boredom. The stunt was performed last fall and filmed for the world to see, and if you somehow missed it, then you should click on this link, after watching the following video, of course.

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