Tesla Model S Plays Cat and Mouse with Tesla Model 3 in 1/4-Mile Drag Race

Despite being the oldest model in the company's current lineup, the S continues to be the quickest of the bunch. That'll eventually change once the new Roadster launches with its zero to 60 miles per hour sprint over in under two seconds, with the time potentially dropping as low as 1.1 seconds with the optional SpaceX Package and its cold air thrusters.
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For the time being, though, the Model S is your best option if you want quick acceleration. The electric sedan may be old, but Tesla continued to improve its performance over the years, with the latest upgrade coming no later than last year. That's when the Raven models were introduced which took the rear motor of the Model 3 Performance version and replaced the front motor on the Model S for a bit of extra power.

Tesla also introduced the cheesy sounding "cheetah stance," which is nothing more than some clever use of the air suspension to maximize grip during high-speed launches. What essentially happens is the car lowers its front axle slightly to counterbalance the lift that occurs naturally when the mass is quickly shifted toward the rear.

So, with one vehicle's main motor acting as the other one's second fiddle, is there really any chance for the Model 3 Performance to upset the Model S in a quarter mile drag race? No, there is not, and both drivers are probably well aware of it.

However, the Model S driver decides to make things more interesting. Instead of doing what every drag race participant usually does when the lights turn green, he decides to wait a little and give the Model 3 a slight head start. But you can't give the mouse too much time or it'll find a creek to hide into and get away. So, did he delay his start long enough to make it interesting and still win it? Click play and find out.

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