Tesla Designs Cybertruck-Friendly Supercharger; the First Will Be Installed in California

Although Tesla opened its Supercharger network to other EV brands, its stations are less accommodating for non-Tesla vehicles. Things are set to change, as Tesla now has a new standard design for upcoming Superchargers. Even smaller stations will be able to charge Tesla, non-Tesla, and electric pickups towing large trailers.
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One of Tesla's most important assets is the Supercharger network, which is considered the best in the world. Tesla has the most extensive DC fast-charging network, but what really sets it apart is the incredible uptime, which is close to 100%. The probability of reaching a Supercharger and being unable to charge your Tesla is almost non-existent, something that no other charging network in the US can brag about.

Not everyone was happy as Tesla opened its Supercharger network to other EV brands. Tesla owners considered that more EVs charging at Tesla Superchargers would bring queues and long waiting times. Although this is more likely to happen at the busiest stations, Tesla owners soon discovered another problem. Because different EVs have the charge port in various positions, their drivers sometimes were forced to block two Supercharger spots or the wrong one.

To worsen the situation, the Supercharger V3 stalls have a very short charging cable, which is only long enough to reach Tesla charge ports. This is not true for all Tesla vehicles, as the upcoming Cybertruck has difficulties charging at current Supercharger locations. Although its charge port is in a similar position (rear-left fender), the sheer size of the Cybertruck makes it hard to reach with the regular cable. It can be done, but it needs excellent parking skills to put the car within an inch of the pedestal.

Tesla acknowledged the situation and started to build new Supercharger stations accordingly. The Supercharger station in Quartzsite, Arizona, has just opened with a smarter layout. The 84-stall Supercharger offers regular charging spots but also pull-through spots where EVs towing trailers can replenish their batteries. This is a massive new development, and offering an improved layout adapted to the new realities makes sense. Still, Tesla intends to also change existing locations to provide similar capabilities.

Tesla enthusiast @MarcoRPi2 found a Supercharger project designed for a much smaller charging station that reveals Tesla's plans. The sketch reveals that it is intended to modify an existing Supercharger location based on indications like "Utility pole to be removed," "new curb," and "future stalls." This Supercharger design is well thought out, providing charging spots for Tesla and larger EVs with the charge port in unoptimized positions.

"La piece de resistance" is an island in the middle of the lot with standard spots and a pull-through charger. This is specifically designed with the Cybertruck in mind, as the sketch shows a vehicle towing a trailer marked with the "Cybertruck MAX" words. The island is carefully placed to allow the EV towing the trailer to easily maneuver around it without the need to back up.

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