Tesla Cybertruck 6x6 Imagined, It's Probably a Matter of Time Until It Becomes Real

Tesla Cybertruck 6x6 - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Instagram | rostislav_prokop
Tesla Cybertruck 6x6 - RenderingTesla Cybertruck 6x6 - RenderingTesla Cybertruck 6x6 - RenderingTesla Cybertruck 6x6 - RenderingTesla Cybertruck 6x6 - Rendering
Everyone and their grandmother know that Tesla has started shipping the first units of the Cybertruck to their rightful owners. After all, the Internet has been oversaturated with all kinds of stories involving the bulletproof electric pickup.
From the never-ending hands-on reviews that have dissected every component to the occasional drag race, name it, and there's probably a video of it a few mouse clicks away. Moreover, Tesla's Cybertruck has also fallen into the hands of rendering artists, giving birth to various projects, some less realistic than others, like that Cybervan CGI that we recently covered.

But this story is not about a hypothetical people carrier featuring similar looks. No sir (or ma'am), as what we're dealing with here is something that has a great chance of materializing. It is a six-wheel drive version of the model that appears to have come from a dystopian movie, and while we may not be fans (okay, I may not be) of the real thing, it's hard to ignore the coolness of this rendering project.

Signed by rotislav_prokop and shared on social media a few days ago, this Tesla Cybertruck has digitally had its bed elongated, complete with the rear three-quarter panels and other components, to make room for an extra axle. Several other things were reshaped, and the vehicle was given a widebody makeover.

The slammed styling may not suit it, as it would've looked better with a jacked-up design, accompanied by chunky tires wrapped around the steel wheels instead of these alloys that turn it into a grocery-getter. And not a comfortable one either, as the large alloys shod in thin rubber and the lower ground clearance would make any vehicle less comfortable.

Now, as we already told you, it is likely a matter of time until an enthusiastic owner (or a tuner) decides to turn their Tesla Cybertruck into a six-wheel-drive beast. After all, this recipe has been applied to numerous other models out there, including the Lamborghini Urus, and as childish as they may be, they are also equally cool to look at. As a result, we'd certainly get behind such a project.

Mind you, there is another important modification that this vehicle underwent, in addition to receiving an extra axle at the rear, as the rendering artist has imagined it with internal combustion power. That's right, it is no longer an electron-sipping beast but one fed by dead dinosaurs.

The pixel manipulator wants to know your opinion on what engine would work best, and we'd obviously say a V8, preferably one with a large supercharger strapped to it. So, what do you think should power it? And do you dig the 6x6 conversion joined by a widebody kit and the rest of the things?

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